How to keep kids healthy at school

At school, kids grow, learn new things, and develop personally. At the same time, it is a place where children can easily get infected and spread illnesses.

Surely, taking care of kids’ health is mostly parents’ job. However, you as a teacher might also ensure some things in your classes to keep your students healthy, which will eventually result in better attendance and better educational performance. Moreover, that would be a good point to include in your CV. In case you need some help with it, feel free to address a professional curriculum vitae writing service.

Make sure kids are vaccinated

Vaccines proved to be a good preventive method against disease spread. Sure, getting vaccinated or not could be a personal matter due to your own situation, like special health conditions, but there is a number of illnesses like seasonal flu against which it is approved to get vaccinated. You as a teacher may try to raise such a topic among teachers, but first, negotiate with your supervisors.


One of the simplest steps you could take to keep your students healthy is to make sure they wash their hands properly. Basic hygiene is important in illness spread prevention. We all are learning this lesson with COVID 19 spread, but it applies to lots of other diseases there are. Kids could spread germs by touching each other, licking their fingers or touching their eyes. Especially, be sure to remind kids to wash hands before having meals, after they were outside or after they used the bathroom. This will help minimize the risks of spreading bacteria or viruses. 

Keep also in mind the importance of wearing masks and distancing as a part of quarantine measures. The habit to wear masks could be useful even after the pandemic.

Immune system 

It is hard to say how to make your immune system strong. However, some actions would help you stay healthy both physically and mentally. A healthy diet, exercising, a good sleep routine, and stress management all let your body and mind function properly. Make sure to promote such a healthy lifestyle among your students and their parents.

Find out about typical diseases kids might have 

Except for the COVID-19 threat, there are other illnesses common for kids that you need be beware of. It is good to know that in order to provide a better care to our students. Follow the policies your school has regarding illnesses or symptoms having which your students should stay home.

Snacks for their health

Advocate for having only healthy snacks at your school. The benefits of a healthy balanced full of vitamins diet are obvious, so it would be extremely beneficial for your students to have small fruit or vegetable snacks during breaks or between meals.

Sleep habits

Speak to your students about the importance of good and sufficient sleep. It is crucial for your young body to have enough sleep to avoid issues with depressive moods, concentration or obesity. Especial attention should be paid to older kids who are stressing out due to their finals or university entrance exams and lack sleep staying up late.

Monitor your students’ mental health

Anxiety and stress are also common issues for both kids and adults. The younger generation worry about their school performance, assignments, and their future in terms of where to apply and what to study. You as a teacher might have an educational conversation with the students or even the parents delivering the information on the symptoms of anxiety and stress and tools for them to deal with those issues. 

Try to be more emphatic and supportive with your students. You should also try teaching them some stress management techniques. In case you notice the kids need professional help, be sure to involve a psychologist.

Choose school supplies carefully

Returning to classes after remote studying and quarantines means that students will need to take all the necessary school supplies with them again, which could be heavy to carry every day. Speak to the students’ parents about the importance of choosing the right backpack for their kids so that it would not affect their backs negatively. There is a huge variety of backpacks, but not all of them are good for your kids’ posture. Make sure the weight in a backpack is distributed evenly and the straps do not hurt the shoulders.

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