The Truth About How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make Revealed!

The salary of NFL waterboy typically depends on the entry level he is in. On average, NFL water boys make around $5300o – $58000 per year. However, for professionals, the amount is much bigger.

On the other hand, you might also come across several waterboys and assistants who are working at a discounted rate or can even be working as unpaid interns. 

What Is The Average Nfl Salary Of Waterboy? 

Millions of people grow up watching football, hence it is a dream of many to grow up and work as an NFL waterboy. NFL waterboys also end up making a lot of money from these matches and get to experience the thrill of a match in real-time.

Wondering how much does an NFL waterboy make? Even though many consider this to be a lowly job, the pay is quite well than many other office positions. The average NFL water boy salary is estimated to be $53000 per year, in addition to the other perks e.g they get access to many free gifts and merchandise from the players like their jerseys or gear etc.

However, this is just the initial salary for beginners. In addition to this, they also get paid leave which includes 16 weeks of paid parental leave and 2 weeks of family leave. With more experience, you can surely earn way more. If a certain candidate shows enough potential, then he can even be promoted to actual coaches in the future. 

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What Are The Responsibilities of NFL Waterboys?

how much do NFL waterboys make

Nearly everyone has watched NFL waterboys once, taking care of the players while they are watching the match. They keep appearing on the screen from time to time and make sure to do their best in keeping the players hydrated.

NFL waterboys are very crucial for the team’s success and are even considered to be a part of the team. Let us dig deeper into the responsibilities of the NFL waterboys, shall we?

  • Water: NFL waterboys bring ice-filled water bottles to the players before the game to keep them hydrated. You will also find them on the sidelines providing towels to the players and hence are commonly referred to as towel boys.
  • Towels and equipment: They are responsible for collecting the player’s used towels and water bottles after the game and ensuring they are properly cleaned and stored well for the next game.

They are considered to be an essential part of the team’s training staff and have to perform the same responsibilities during the practice sessions. Other than the above-mentioned tasks, it also falls under their utmost responsibility not to distract the players or interfere in the game.

How Much Do Nfl Waterboys Work?

You might be astonished to know that many head athlete trainers and high-ranking staff start off their careers as waterboys. If your dream job is also of an NFL waterboy, then you must know the details of their responsibilities and work hours. Let us help you get started.

NFL waterboys typically work around 40 hours or even more during the NFL season. During that period, NFL requires two to three waterboys for each match and practice session.

During the off-season, there are a lesser number of practice sessions and matches and hence water boys are paid less during that period. 

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What Is The NFL Waterboy Salary In Cities Of United States?

Billions of people all around the world grow up watching football and hence it is also a dream for many to be an integral part of the football team. Hence, several people resort to the job of NFL waterboys and use it as a stepping stone to get to a more prestigious position on the team.

In order to join the entry position, you need to have a high school diploma with great communication skills to be considered eligible for the role. Following are the highest-paid cities for NFL waterboys:

how much do NFL waterboys make


Q1. How much do waterboys make in the nfl In One game ?
On average, some water boys earn around $50 per game while some even earn up to $100 per game. In total, they approximately earn around $1000 per season. 

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