Match fit is a state of mind that will make you not only physically strong but also mentally and emotionally strong. It is mainly suggested to those people who have been injured in the field and need to make a comeback because a player who has been hurt in the field and cannot contribute to the match that he has prepared for can create a strain on his emotions and mentality that is why the authority has come forward to make sure that the players stay mentally and physically fit so that they can make a comeback in the field in due time. However, this particular ‘match fit’ concept is adapted in the gym so that many others can also become mentally, physically, and emotionally strong.

“The difference is huge,” says West Ham defender Ryan Fredericks. “You can spend as long as you want – years, even – running up and down the pitch or running around cones, but 10 minutes in a Premier League match is 100 times harder than any of that.”

“You can’t fake anything on a Premier League pitch. You have to react to so many things – mentally, as well. If you get caught out, you’re stuck.” agrees. “Match fitness comes from confidence,” Fredericks says.

“The science behind it all is now a major guide as to objectively clearing a player to return to training and then to return to a match, but the player has to also be psychologically ready

“Those two things have to match, otherwise that player is not going to be ready to play.”

“I consider it a tripod of performance – physical, mental and emotional,” says Dan Garner, who has coached UFC champions Ronda Rousey and Michael Bisping, as well as three Super Bowl winners and an Olympic gold medallist, and is now head coach of the Hockey Training programme, based in Ontario

“What happens if one leg of a tripod is knocked out? It collapses. In order to determine whether someone is actually ready, they would need to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready.”

“I use fitness baselines to determine whether a player is ready or not,” says Tumi Masekela, the strength and conditioning coach for the South Africa men’s cricket team.

“But if he’s at a good level then we will start him with our warm-up games or franchise games before we move back onto the international scene. That’s definite – we will not allow a player back to an international game without playing any games beforehand, so that we can evaluate their match fitness.”

Kevin Pietersen, who played 275 internationals and is England’s third-highest run-scorer of all time across all formats, felt that intense practise sessions were far more valuable for his match fitness than sanitised warm-up matches.

“I didn’t need to feel that match scenario,” says Pietersen. “I hated practise games, I hated trial games, I hated all that

“I think if you calculated my average from all of the warm-up games that we played it would be terrible. I didn’t want to play in them, I had no interest in them, because they never made me feel like I felt when I practised.”

“Confidence is closely related to being match fit,” he says. “No player is free of niggles or little injuries, but I never ever went into an England match without being confident that I had put in the perfect preparation for it. Perfection in my practise was the reason for my consistent performances

“I was always asking myself a series of questions: How do I feel in training? Have I got the ability to defend the best ball that a bowler could run into bowl at me when I walk out into middle? Or have I not? If so, where do I need to focus my attention?

“I needed to know every single day that I played that I had done the most meticulous preparation so that when I crossed that white line I could execute the skill. I think I was one of a small group of people who thought about it like that.”
How to make sure that you follow the match fit schedule?

There are certain things you have to maintain before going into the schedule that will change your life. Of course, all the things that you have to do in the gym will be chosen by your instructor. You have to follow what he will decide for you. However, the part that not most of the people don’t really stress on is emotional and the mental part of the ‘match fit’ schedule

You will be given a set of instructions that you have to follow to get fit but what about the other two-parts that will make you completely whole? Many tend to forget the two but it is equally important. In this article, we will discuss how to practice to become emotionally and mentally ‘match fit’ in this era of distress.

Mentally match fit:

When you are thinking of becoming a match fit physically, you have to start mentally. When one tries to set out a path that he or she will achieve that particular thing, he does everything to get that. As long as you have a motive to get you going, it is fine but many times people tend to lose sight of the greater good and get lost on the blurred lines. They become anxious.

They overwork themselves and indulge themselves in the hardworking schedule. Those players who have been in an accident and want to mend what has been wrecked, overwork themselves to a point where they just break. So having a positive mindset with a healthy outcome is a must. You should know where the line is and you should definitely not lose sight of it.

Emotionally ‘match fit’:

When one tries to indulge in the process to get a mind fit body, they tend to lose sight of their happiness too. Sometimes the result might not be in lieu of the efforts you are putting in. So in that case, one can become depressed and anxious to see such a downturn of events. It is this time you have to maintain your emotional level positively. Go watch a movie and have some dinner with your loved ones. You will get there slowly.


Along with the physical strength, mental and emotional strength is also important. To get that match fit physique, you have to give effort to all of the three aspects of your body to become the one.


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