How Many Stitches Are There On A Baseball?

Many baseball lovers are curious about how many stitches there are on a baseball. Baseball is a very popular game in the USA, and many youngsters have dreams of being baseball players.

But if you want to become a baseball player, then you must have to know everything about baseball.

You will find 108 double stitches on each Major League Baseball. The first and the last stitch remain hidden inside the ball.

The baseballs are made by sewing 2 figure-8 pattern cowhide covering material. Then it is passed into the rolling machine.

The rolling machine levels the stitches. When the ball is ready, you will find a total number of 216 stitches covering the seam.

Stitches On A Baseball – The Significance Of Them

The stitches on a baseball draw Magnus and drag effect in the flight performance of the ball. That is why the stitches are so very important on a baseball.

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Let me clarify the concept of the Magnus effect and the drag effect.

Magnus Effect –

The Magnus effect is such an effect that influences the flight activity of a baseball. Do you want to know how it works?

The 8-pattern 108 double stitches on the baseball result in gaining velocity of one side of the ball. Thus, the balls follow their trajectory of it and gain a spin. And all these end up in a curved path of the balls.

The Drag Effect –

This is related to the science of friction. The stitches make the surface of the ball uneven, and it higher up the resistance of the ball against the motion.

Other Purposes –

There are some other purposes of the stitches on a baseball. It helps in gripping the ball more firmly and controls the speed of the ball too. Apart from that, it helps in speeding up the ball, and to spot it among the dust.

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History Of Baseball Stitching

How Many Stitches Are There On A Baseball

Now the stitches are red on a baseball. But in the past days, the stitches used to be in blue and black colors.

This color combination lasted for years until in 1990, the American League Baseball authorities changed the stitching color to red.

Not only the color, but they also made several other changes too. They started to use waxed red threads to stitch the balls.

Next, they changed the pattern of the stitches. They brought the present 8-pattern stitching.

How Many Stitches Are On A Major League Baseball?

If you talk about Major League Baseball, you will find 108 double stitches on each baseball in the 8-shaped pattern.

The first and the last stitch are always hidden inside the ball. If you count both sides, there are a total number of 216 stitches on a completely ready baseball.

Why Does A Baseball Have Red Stitching?

In 1990, the American League Baseball changed the stitching color from blue and black to red. Now a waxed red thread is used in baseball stitching.

It is said that the bright red color helps the sewers to perform their stitching work more perfectly.

Another reason is the contrast it brings with the white color body of the baseball.

And because of the red stitches, a dirty ball also can be spotted in the air to catch. And the batters also can spot the ball more quickly.

What Are the Stitches on a Baseball Called?

If you are playing Major League Baseball, then you should call the stitches on the baseball Virgules. This is the official name for the stitches on the baseball.

What Are Other Purposes Of The Stitches On An Official Baseball?

How Many Stitches Are There On A Baseball

There are a few other purposes of the stitches on the baseball. Apart from the movements in the air, the bright red stitches can easily be seen.

So the batter can spot the ball in the air, and so the opponent. The stitches help in gripping the ball too.

The stitches help the ball to flow fast in the air as well as on the ground too.

The stitches are responsible for keeping the black rubber and cowhide covering together.

Why Are There 108 Stitches In A Baseball?

The total number of stitches on the baseballs creates the Magnus and the drag effect on the ball. Hence, the number of stitches is very important for a baseball.

If you increase or decrease the number of stitches on a baseball, it will affect the performance of the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there 108 stitches on a baseball?

The 108 double stitches help the ball to get the Magnus and the drag effect.

2. Are there 216 stitches on a baseball?
The baseball has 108 double stitches, so the total number of stitches is 216.

3. How many stitches are sown around the baseball?
A total number of 108 double stitches are sown around the baseball.

4. How many stitches does a Little League baseball have?
A Little League Baseball also has 108 double stitches around it.

The Final Words

Here in this article, I have cleared all your queries related to the stitches around a baseball.

I hope this article will help you to understand why there are stitches around a baseball, and what its functions are.

Enjoy this write-up, and come back here to know more exciting facts related to baseball.

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