How Many Points Is A Touchdown

Often, there are several ways to score a point in football and you might be looking for the answer to how many points in a touchdown a player will get. 

Ultimately, the goal is to bring the football to the end zone, now a touchdown is worth six points. The offense can earn one or two additional points with the extra kick. So, a touchdown may lead to seven or eight points. 

Well, you should know that a touchdown is a highest-scoring method that gives more points in Football. There are numerous ways to score a touchdown and they will get the same number of points. 

What’s important after a touchdown is to look at the coaching staff, who will either decide to bring the kicker out for a single point or to keep the offense in and go for two points. Let us know more about how much is a touchdown worth in this article. 

How to Score a Touchdown in Football

How Many Points Is A Touchdown

If you are running with a ball, the only thing that needs to be in the end zone is the ball with your feet staying in bounds. When you are catching the ball, you need to make sure that your feet are on the ground while having possession of the ball. 

Once it is done, the offense will get six touchdown points with an opportunity to get one or two extra points. 

The defense team can also score touchdown points by interrupting their pass or making them fumble. If they did it, they would become the offense and the other team would become the defense because now the ball is in different hands. 

Touchdowns can be scored by any player on the team through the quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. 

How Extra Points Work in Football?

After scoring a touchdown, it is always an important decision for a coach to go for a free kick for extra points. Before 2015, it was an easy job to get extra points because the ball was just 20 yards away from the goal, which could be done easily. 

But after 2015, the NFL made a change in the rule, now a player needs to cover a distance of 33 yards, which never seems an easy task for a kicker to hit. 

If the extra point is missed, the team will get only six points. Coaches need to be very careful before going for a kick because many games are decided with a point range of one or two. 

If the extra point is made, the ball will be given to the other team to answer them with a touchdown. In such a situation, the ball is placed on a 35-yard line and the kicker has to kick it on the opposite end of the field.  

What Is a Two-Point Conversion in Football?

A situation of two-point conversion occurs when the coaches decide to keep the offense on the field following a touchdown or they can also bring offense on the field when the defense scores a touchdown rather than going for an extra point. 

For two points, the ball will be placed on the two-yard line, meaning 20 yards. Now, the offense has the opportunity to kick the ball and let it go into the end zone, if it doesn’t happen, the defense will be called for a penalty. 

If they kick out of the end zone, they will be given two extra points instead of one. It is essential for everyone to know how much points for a touchdown to make the watching experience interesting.

Whether a two-point conversion is done or not, the team who has attempted will kick off to the opposite end of the field. 


Q1. How Many Points Are Touchdowns in Fantasy Football?

Ans. The touchdowns are universally six points in fantasy football. It is almost the same as the NFL and it doesn’t matter who is scoring a touchdown, they will get six points for it. 

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