How Many Innings In Softball

Want to know how many innings are in softball? Well, there are seven innings in this game and if there is a youth softball, then it has six innings. 

The innings can be quickly finished as if three consecutive outs. However, it can be longer too if the player keeps scoring. If there is a mercy rule, the game could last less than seven innings. 

There are nine players on the field just like in Baseball. You will have the top of an inning and the bottom of the inning with three outs. The away team bats at the top of the inning while the home team bats at the bottom. 

We came up with this article where we will tell you how many inning in softball and how long does a softball game last. So, just stay with us in this article and get more information. 

How Many In Innings In Different Levels of Softball?

How Many Innings In Softball

Well, if you want to know about softball how many innings then you should know that it depends on the level. Below, we have mentioned different levels of Softball. 

1. In College Softball

The answer to how many innings in college softball is seven but some exceptions may add or fewer the total innings. 

If the game ends in a tie then there will be an extra inning in which the team that breaks the tie will be the winner.

Another exception is the eight-run rule. If a team is leading with eight or more runs after five innings, the team with more runs will be declared a winning team. 

There are some other situations when the game ends quickly such as weather, a team forfeits, and the play stopped due to safety reasons of the players. 

2. In High School Softball

There are seven innings in high school softball games, which is similar to college football. Even, the girls who are playing software in high school are habitual to play seven innings games. 

By rules, they need to play seven innings but if there is a mercy rule, then they need to play at least five innings to decide the winner of the game  

3. In Youth Softball

Youth Softball Games have six or seven innings, which mainly depends on the age of students playing the game. If they are of school age, then the game will last long for seven innings. 

Once they are habitual with the pace of the game, they can increase one more inning to the play. After all, with the continuous play of the game, they understand the rules very well and will be convenient for them to play an extra inning without taking longer. 

What is the Longest Softball Game in history?

how many innings in softball

The longest softball game runs for around 6.5 hours between Creighton vs Utah and the game was played for 31 innings. Eventually, the game was won by Creighton by 1-0. 

The interesting thing was that their next match against each other also went for 25 innings to complete. These games became an interesting talk for the softball fans because these games were quite challenging. 


Q1. How long is a softball game? 
Ans. If you want to know how long are softball games, then it is seven innings, which last 2-3 hours, mainly depending on the rules, league, and the type of ball used in the game. 

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