How Many Acres is a Football Field? The Answer Revealed

The size of a football pitch is around 1.32 acres. The typical American football pitch measures 120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide. Given this, to provide a precise definition, a typical football pitch is 57,600 square feet, or 1.32 acres. Football at the high school, college, and professional (NFL) levels is played using these measurements.

What Are the Dimensions of A Football Field?

how many acres is a football field

The field used for American football is a rectangle consisting of grass or, in some situations, synthetic turf. The football pitch has a length of 120 yards and a width of 53.3 yards. The length of this measurement is taken between the backs of the opposing endzones.

The space between the two opposing end zones—known as the field of play—is 100 yards. At whatever level of competition, these are the normal football pitch measurements. The distance between the sidelines and hash marks is the only variable that varies. Some of the dimensions are given below:

1. Dimensions of Endozone: As you can see that the endzones are the sections at either end of the football field where a team may score points by kicking the ball through the uprights or crossing into them with the ball. With that, the width of the field is between 100 and 120 yards, with each endzone being 10 yards deep.

2. Dimension of End Line: A football field’s sidelines, which run its whole length, are crucial to the sport of football. They establish the boundaries of the playing area and keep the participants there. The sidelines are 120 yards long and 6 feet broad.

3. Dimensions of sidelines: The end lines, which are present at both ends of the field, serve as the field’s borders. The end lines are 53.3 yards long and 6 feet wide, and they span the whole width of the field from sideline to sideline. Since there is a goal post on each end line, the end lines’ main function is to signal when a team has scored a touchdown.

4. Dimensions of goal lines: In front of each end zone are the goal lines. They are 10 yards from and parallel to the end lines, measuring 53.3 yards, and they go from one sideline to the other. The goal line serves as a marker for the area where a team must score to receive points. 

5. Dimensions of yard lines: Each of the 98-yard lines of a football pitch delineates one yard.  The field’s yard lines begin at either end zone or go all the way around it. Every 10 yards starting at 10 and going up to 50 in the centre of the field, then going down to 10 as they go closer to the opposing goal lines.

The 50-yard line, which is used to split the field in half, is located at midfield. The yard lines assist decide if a play resulted in a first down by showing each team’s movement towards the opponent’s end zone.

What are The Numbers and Lines on the Field?

how many acres is a football field

Every five yards, the field is marked with a yard line, and every ten yards, a field number. There are numbered 10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-yard lines on either side of the field, and a numbered 50-yard line divides the field in half evenly. There are also the hash markers, those slender lines that span the whole field in between the 5-yard lines.

One yard separates the hash markings. The distance between the two lines of hash markers is the main distinction between high school, college, and NFL fields. The distance between the lines of hash marks at each level is as follows:

  1. 53 feet, 4 inches for high school
  2. School – 40 ft
  3. 18 feet, 6 inches in the NFL

On or between the hash marks, depending on where the previous play finished, each new play begins. The ball as placed on a right hash mark, for instance, if the previous play finished near the right sideline. This is implemented to prevent teams to run plays very near to one sideline, which might give the defence an extra edge.

How To Determine the Correct Dimensions of The Football Field

The pitch shape sometime depicts a rectangle. The touchlines are the longer sides. The goal lines are the opposite opposing sides. The lengths of the two goal lines must be equal and range from 50 to 100 yards (45 to 90 metres).

The two touch lines must also be the same length and fall within the range of 90 to 120 m (100 to 130 yards). Each line must have the same width and cannot be wider than 12 cm (5 in). Corner flags mark the boundaries of the pitch.

The goal lines must be between 64 and 75 metres (70 and 80 yards) and the touchlines must be between 100 and 110 metres (110 and 120 yards) in length for international games. The IFAB established the official specifications of a football field to 105 metres long by 68 metres wide in March 2008 to standardise the size of the football surface for international games.


Q1. How big is an acre visually?
Ans. A football pitch is about the size of an acre if you can imagine it. A football pitch is 48,000 square feet, but it is officially 43,560 square feet.

Q2. How many football fields in 50 acres?
Ans. The equivalent of owning 50 acres of land is around 37.81 football fields and 750 tennis courts. Total area is 2,178,000 square feet.

Q3. How many acres is a UK football field?
Ans. A standard football field measures 110 yards by 70 yards (the regulations allow for some variation in that measurement), which equates to about 1.5 acres of field area.

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