How Doing Sports Can Help You Study

Why do you think physical education is needed at school? Is it needed to keep students healthy? Besides this, the impact of sports on the life and studies of students is much greater than it seems at first glance. Exercise activates the brain, promotes creativity, and improves performance. Recent neurophysiological studies show that physical activity is directly related to academic success. 

There are enough arguments in favor of doing sports, but at school, they are treated lightly. This school discipline is grossly underestimated today by teachers, parents, and students. First of all, the reason is that physical education grades do not significantly affect the GPA. However, sports help students not only maintain health and good shape but also study better. 

If you support this point of view and want to convince your teacher and classmates, then writing an essay can be the most effective way. Pick the most compelling one from the sports topics and write an essay with arguments and evidence. Here are strong arguments to help you. 

How sports can help you overcome stress

Stress is the body’s response to something new. Every day at school, students learn a lot of new information, gain new knowledge, and find themselves in stressful situations mastering knowledge or because of the atmosphere at school. Increased contact with peers and teachers is expected to cause social conflicts. 

Add to this an authoritarian educational system where the teacher is the center, and everyone must listen to him or her. Many teachers abuse authority and are, from the point of view of students, sources of danger, not knowledge. 

It is important for children to learn to cope with their reactions, to control impulsive behavior. Sports can enhance the adaptive capacity of students and help them cope with stressful conditions at school.

Stress accompanies a person throughout life; moreover, moderate stress is good for us. The human body accumulates enough resources, which we mobilize when interacting with stressors to ensure adaptation to them in most cases. 

If the stress factor is too powerful, then the body either does not have enough resources accumulated for adaptation, or it is unable to use them effectively. As a result, the behavior of students becomes inappropriate to the situation, and excessive aggression, impulsivity, or, conversely, apathy is manifested. Distress is common among students, as they deal with something new every day at school. School workload and team conflicts can collectively cause painful physical and mental conditions in students. 

Any kind of sports activity is a form of controlled, moderate stress. With such physical activity, the body trains the system of anti-stress interactions every time: it accumulates resources, learns to redistribute them effectively, and uses them for the next occurrence of stressors. Therefore, doing sports is extremely important because it allows students to more easily adapt to the learning environment and get rid of the symptoms of stress reactions that they experience almost every day at school. 

Why doing sports develops the creative thinking

During physical activity, our brain enters a completely different mode of thinking and information processing. When a person persistently tries to solve some difficult problem or task and analyze new educational material, centers in the brain are activated that require concentration and additional attention. These processes require a lot of resources, but they are not always enough, especially when it is necessary to operate with a large amount of information. 

This is why students get tired quickly when solving difficult problems and mastering difficult topics. At this moment, it is important to switch to another mode of thinking, which is activated, including by physical activity. 

These are reasons enough to reconsider engaging in sports in school. This should be aimed at maintaining physical health, but above all, they should be considered as an integral part of the learning school environment. 

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