Do You Know How The Nascar Drivers Pee? – Know The Unknown Fact!

NASCAR driving is a kind of sport all speed lovers enjoy! These drivers really have to go through one of the toughest conditions possible for a sport. NASCAR driving takes a lot of time to …

Do You Know How The Nascar Drivers Pee? – Know The Unknown Fact!

NASCAR driving is a kind of sport all speed lovers enjoy! These drivers really have to go through one of the toughest conditions possible for a sport.

NASCAR driving takes a lot of time to complete the race. And while you are in the race, you won’t have time to get out of the car. If you do, you may lose!

But then the question arrives, what if a driver has to pee? Will he be able to stop the car and come outside to pee? Or he has to pee right in the car while driving?

Here in this article, I am going to tell you about this very interesting topic, how do NASCAR drivers pee? If you are a NASCAR driving fan, you’ll go to enjoy this article for sure!

Before going into a deeper discussion, let me tell you what else you are going to know about NASCAR racing from this article.

So, let’s start!

How Do Nascar Drivers Pee

The usual top-speed of NASCAR cars is 150-200 miles per hour, and the drivers have to complete almost 200 to even 500 miles to complete the race. There is no system to urinate too, so the drivers have no choice but to hold on to their pee.

All the drivers go to the washroom before starting the race to confirm that they can start the race being vacant. And as the car remains very hot inside, the drivers usually perspire a lot. That is why the call of nature does not bother them too much.

But, if something unusual happens, and a driver has to pee, then he has no other option than urinating in his racing suit sitting on the driver’s seat. Sounds weird, but in fact!

Do Race Car Drivers Wear Diapers

If you have to pee, and there is no toilet, or there is no option to go to the toilet, the easiest way to pee without any hassle is to wear an adult diaper.

Many of the NASCAR racing fans like us think that the drivers wear these adult diapers because once the race starts, they have no option to go to the toilet, but this is not the truth. The race car drivers do not wear any diapers.

Do You Know How The Nascar Drivers Pee? – Know The Unknown Fact!
Do Race Car Drivers Wear Diapers

It is because the call of nature during a race is a rare thing. It is very hot inside the car, and the driving suit is hotter too. So the drivers perspire a lot. This is how the water comes out of their body, and they do not feel like peeing.

But if the rare thing happens and the driver has to pee, then he pees right in his suit sitting on the driving seat.

How Do Nascar Drivers Poop

Pooping is the most natural thing. But it becomes the most embarrassing thing if you are driving and suddenly you get the pressure.

In the case of NASCAR drivers, they do not actually poop in their suits! They use the toilet before starting the race to empty themselves so that they do not face any unwanted and embarrassing situations.

Do NASCAR Drivers Have Air Conditioning

Yes, they have. The drivers need air conditioning for providing air to either the seat of the driver or to the driver’s helmet. And some drivers prefer to blow cold air in a cushion in between them and their seat.

During the race, the interior of the car becomes so hot that no one can bear the heat without air conditioning. The drivers have to complete almost 200-500 miles and have to sit inside the car for 3-5 hours. It is impossible to overcome the hot temperature without air conditioning.

Though NASCAR allows the conventional car air conditioning system, the drivers prefer not to use them as it takes a lot of energy.

How Long Does A NASCAR Race Last

It depends on how many paths the drivers have to cover. The distance between the starting and the ending point could be 200 miles to 500 miles. The average speed of the car is almost 150-200 Mph. so the race lasts from one and half hours to three hours maximum.

Do You Know How The Nascar Drivers Pee? – Know The Unknown Fact!
How Long Does A NASCAR Race Last

Though, some races have huge laps and finish even after 6 hours of driving. There could be other reasons too, like the delays in the racing, or the time all the drivers take to finish the race.

How Do Female Race Car Drivers Pee

Well, if you might think that the female drivers have some extra facilities while they are in the race, but it is not true.

There are no gender-biased facilities in the race, and the female drivers to visit the loo before the race to empty them up. And if they have to pee during the race, they pee in their suits just like their male companions.

Why Do NASCAR Drivers Swerve

It has a definite reason! They do not do it having any purpose.

While the race is on, a lot of debris or the marbles like rubber gets kicked up to the high end of the groove, or the track.

The tires remain still hot and able to collect the marbles even after a caution is out. This can make the tires very slippery. This is why the drivers swerve. The swerving gets the marbles out to make the race smoother.

Do NASCAR Drivers Use Both Feet

The cars which are mounted with automatic transmission, or semi-automatic transmission, usually do not have the foot-operated clutch. This allows the drivers to use their left foot on the brake.

Racing cars are such cars that do not have foot-controlled clutches. But still, the drivers can use their both feet for the accelerator, and the brake.

Do NASCAR Drivers Make A Lot of Money

They indeed make a lump sum amount of money each time they participate in a race. And the drivers who win most of the races, are the drivers who are paid the highest.

NASCAR drivers get a salary from the team.

Secondly, they win money from the races. And thirdly, they earn a lot of money from endorsements, licensing, advertisements, and a lot more things.

Do You Know How The Nascar Drivers Pee? – Know The Unknown Fact!
Do NASCAR Drivers Make A Lot of Money

The professional drivers who win the races make millions per year, and the drivers who are the most inexperienced are earning $50,000 per year as salary and making a total of $1 million from the other sources of income from the race.

Do NASCAR Drivers Drive Manual

There is no auto-drive option in NASCAR cars. All the cars run on a 4-speed manual transmission. But the drivers do not use the clutch pedals either. Yes, there are the traditional clutch pedals present in the car, but the drivers hardly use them.

The NASCAR drivers rather learn a different thing. They learn how to rev match.

Rev matching is shifting the car to the revs by matching its speed. This is what they call rev-matching in the racing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Nascar Drivers Have Pee Bags?

No. NASCAR drivers do not have a pee bag or wear a diaper. Though it is not a nice thought to pee in the car while driving, NASCAR drivers often do it to win the race. They pee right on the driving seat, in the driving suit.

  • How Do Nascar Drivers Drink During A Race?

NASCAR drivers can lose fluid even up to 12 pounds because the cars get really hot inside. In this case, drivers can drink by just pressing a button on their steering wheel. Some drivers prefer to keep water right into their helmets to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Do Nascar Drivers Listen To Music?

Listening to music is not a thing that NASCAR drivers can do. They have to focus on the race and the lap to the fullest, so there is no chance of listening to music.

To Wrap It Up

I am sure this article has helped you to understand more about NASCAR driving and NASCAR drivers’ life during the race. It is indeed an interesting sport, and the participants who take part in this sport are always a topic of discussion of the lovers of this sport. Do check out the next race, because now you’ll be able to understand what the racers do more!

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