Hockey Skates Vs Figure Skates- A Collation Of Two Items

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You might come across several hockey players enjoying this game to their fullest, and figuring out skaters doing the same. Do you think that they are on the same skates? 

Where is the major point of difference between hockey skates and figure skates? These questions might be spinning around your head and we are here to quench your burden.

The differences might be fewer in number, but since these are concealed it is not at all easy to find out the difference between a hockey skate and a figure skate. Therefore we are here with this write-up which will delineate the comparison of hockey skate vs figure skate.

Major Points of Difference-Figure Skates vs. Hockey Skates

A blade consists of toe picks or it might come with a jagged teeth-look design present at the tip. It is generally longer and heavier than a hockey blade. Moreover, figure skate boots are usually built with authentic leather and are more costly than normal hockey skates. 

Hockey skates, which are generally meant for ringette and ice hockey comes with a boot that is built with leather mostly synthetic or plastic. You can get your hands on these Hockey Ice Skates by WowSkates in case you are looking for the best options in this regard.

The Competitive ice hockey skates are meant for the professionals which features a molded plastic in order to fit the boot. It refrains mobility. Also, it might sound uncanny but it is perfect for this sport.

The same is applicable for figure skates, as they are made to fit a per the mobility but in a different manner. In recent times the boots are prepared from synthetic materials. But some boots come with the addition of a heat-modifiable lining. 

This lining provides added strength to this light-weight boot. In comparison to the leather, they are not that heavy and become convenient for the skater to break in and get accustomed to the sporty feeling.

Some ice skating shoes for beginners comes with a hinge present at the ankle that provides the skater lateral support and gives enhanced flexibility.

Various Categories of Skates

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Additionally, hockey skates boots give a more cozy feeling than the regular figure skate boots. The toe picks present on the figure skate boots facilitates jump and spin. Apart from this, the short light blade present on hockey skates helps players with speed as well as taking quick stops.

Again both the boots as well as blades on the various types of ice skates are meant for different purposes along with mobility ranges. Therefore, you expect this to be quite variable in the other materials used to prepare skate along with the design and providing overall shape to the skate.


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Figure skates are made of long, gently curved blade equipped with toe picks, and leather boots that give additional support and give requirements meant for deep knee bends. These features enable the jumping, spinning a well as long sweeping curves covering the major areas of this sport. On the contrary, have a shorter, Hockey skates come with a curved blade devoid of toepicks and a stiff boot prepared from rigid synthetics just like plastic. The main attribute of this hockey skates is that it is designed in such a fashion that the hockey players gain speed, turn and stop suddenly on the ice.

Notable Features

The blades of figure skates, as well as the hockey skates, may vary to a considerable extent. A figure skater comes with a longer blade than the hockey skate. It is connected to the boot through the metal plates referred to as the toe and heel plates. You will find that the figure skate blades are generally curved from front to the periphery with the heaviest curve present beside the ball of the foot.

 Hockey Skates Vs Figure-Skates

This curve is called the “rocker” and it permits the skater to skate through long curves on the ice. It also permits spinning on the rocker. Figure skates feature a prominent toe pick which is present at the front used for making jumps. 

Most of the hockey skate blades are devoid of toepick. They are connected to the boot with the help of a long, solid piece of plastic called a “tuuk”. The blade comes with a strong curve than a regular figure skate blade. The rocker is inserted at the midzone of the foot. This unique configuration makes it cumbersome to spin using hockey skates. However, it becomes seamless to skate quickly, turn and stop.

Different Moves of Skates

Figure skates are designed for the purpose of freestyle, synchronized skating as well as ice dancing. The blade intended to meet the demand of freestyle skaters is generally longer than the blade which is used for the sole purpose of synchronized skating or ice dancing. 

The majority of hockey skates are designed mainly for forwards, defensemen, as well as goalies. Skates meant for the forwards are normally lighter which permits for fast footwork, while skates meant for the defensemen are generally made stiffer to permit these players who use their feet to block the puck. Hockey players have the provision to purchase removable pads for the purpose of defense. 

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Goalie skates are built with a lower boot and wider blades. Due to this, it becomes convenient for the goalie to move ahead and use the feet in order to block shots. These are good ice skate tricks.


Both hockey and figure skates are available with myriads of sizes varying from children to adults meant for both men as well as women’s styles. The exact fit for both comes with the smallest size which permits the toe to remain flat within the boot. 

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Wearing those skates that are very large may lead to poor skating form and can cause severe injury. Women’s hockey skates come with a variable size different from men’s. Moreover, women hockey skates generally turn out to be narrower for the purpose of giving to the shape of the average foot of women.

Figure skates for women are also available in different sizes. However, both men’s and women’s figure skates are available in the same standard widths. Advanced skaters may opt for advanced hockey skate width from other skate manufacturers which cover “split widths”.

Bottom Line

Now you have gone through this entire content, you can surely be able to major points of distinction. You have a clear idea on how to stop on hockey skates,

So read this article to know every bit of it. Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to get a glance.

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