Fun at a Discount: What Are the Cheapest Paintball Guns on the Market Today?

If you’re looking for a new outdoor hobby, so you can get fresh air, exercise, and have lots of fun on a regular basis, then you should give paintball a try. Especially if you are competitive and love developing strategies and trying to outsmart opponents.

Paintball has it all. Plus, it’s not as expensive as people think. When you get started, you’ll probably rent all your gear, including your paintball gun.

But buying your own gear can save you money every week. And with plenty of cheap paintball guns on the market today, you can purchase a complete setup for very little money today.

Wondering what the best paintball gun for the least amount of money is? Read on below for help choosing quality, yet affordable paintball guns.

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto

Coming in at around $100 is the Spyder Victor semi-auto paintball gun. Spyder is one of the original companies in the paintball space, and their gear is very reliable.

$100 is the lowest you should spend on a paintball gun, as spending less than $100 means you’re going to be the worst player on the field, with an unreliable, slow, inaccurate gun.

This CO2-powered gun has an adjustable velocity between 280 and 350 FPS. It features a clamping feed neck, to ensure your hopper stays attached and is always feeding. And it has a two-finger, double trigger for comfortable, easy firing.


Looking for a sleek paintball gun with a long barrel for about $120? The HK Ary SABR is a great option. The 12-inch, one-piece barrel is very accurate.

And the patented internal gas-through grip makes for a very comfortable, ergonomic grip. You can easily adjust the velocity with an Allen wrench on the back of the gun. And a quick-release Delrin bolt makes for easy disassembly and cleaning.

The aluminum body is lightweight yet very durable, so you can put this gun through the wringer.

Tippman Stormer

Another popular brand in the paintball space, Tippman produces paintball markers for every budget. The Tippman Stormer is a popular choice for first-time paintball buyers, who have played a handful of times with rented gear and want a solid gun for regular play throughout the year.

You can find these for about $140 without any of the accessories. The .68 caliber paintball gun can fire paintballs between 250-325 FPS. It has a high-performance, aluminum barrel and Picatinny rails on top for easy accessory attachments.

Paintball Pistols

For something a little out of the ordinary, you can purchase a paintball pistol instead of a standard paintball gun.

These small, lightweight guns might not shoot as fast and far as a normal gun, but they sure are fun to use for close-quarters matches. You can find good paintball pistols, such as the JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit for around $30, though paintball pistols can easily exceed $300.

Used Paintball Guns

If you are willing to shop around for used guns, you can get much better gear for a low price. People are upgrading their paintball setup all the time, so they offer up their old gear for huge discounts.

The easiest way to buy used is to search for local listings. That way, you can go hold the gun and test it out before making a purchase.

Otherwise, you can check sites like eBay, or check some of the paintball-specific sites, where sellers sell to a company, which are then tested and resold online.

Other Gear Needed for Paintball

Cool paintball guns might be the most important piece of gear for your new hobby, but it’s not the only thing you need. Here are a few other accessories to grab before heading to the paintball field.


Paintball is a very safe sport, so long as everyone is wearing a mask at all times. Sure, getting hit hurts, but it won’t cause damage as long as you protect your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

You can pick up a cheap mask for around $20. These will just protect your face and not the rest of your head. A full-head-covering mask will start around $40. You can easily spend more than $100 on a fancy mask, though.

CO2 Tanks

If you got a cheap paintball gun, that probably means it’s a mechanical paintball gun, powered by compressed air. Get CO2 tanks paintball players can trust. And get a few so you don’t have to refill your single tank constantly.

A basic 20oz tank will run you about $30.


You need a hopper to pour your paintballs into, which feeds them into your gun one-by-one as you pull the trigger. A cheap, plastic, gravity-fed hopper costs less than $20.

You’ll find that this is an area you’ll eventually want to upgrade as electric hoppers can load paintballs much faster and more reliably. The only problem is that they cost $100 or more.

Cleaning Kit

Paintball is very messy. You’re going to get paint and dirt and debris in your gun and your equipment. In order to keep your gear in working condition, so you don’t have to buy new stuff all the time, spend a few dollars on a cleaning kit.

Make sure to get a kit with a pull-through squeegee, some gun oil, extra o-rings, and some microfiber cleaning cloths.


You don’t need pods. But carrying extra paintballs on the field will allow you to reload mid-match. You can spend about $5 per pod, so you can carry extra paintballs on your belt or vest.

Paintball Clothing

Lastly, it helps to have some paintball-specific clothing. Loose-fitting, thick clothing will help absorb the shock of paintballs, meaning less pain.

But make sure it’s not too loose, as you need to be able to maneuver around without getting snagged. Gloves are helpful, as are quality tactical boots for maximum protection and all-day comfort.

Making the Most of Cheap Paintball Guns

Cheap paintball guns are plentiful. Every paintball and sporting goods store is going to have a solid lineup of guns under $200. Obviously, the more you can spend the better. But since you have to buy a handful of accessories too, there’s no shame in spending $100 to $150 on a paintball gun.

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