Fortnite Adds Mary Jane Watson Outfit in the Item Shop

Another MJ is making its way into Fortnite. How much V-Bucks are gamers willing to spend to unlock the Classic Mary Jane Watson outfit? 

Mary Jane Watson has long been teased about coming to the popular battle royale game. Though fans are very much excited to see Spider-man’s beau in-game. Players were not surprised about the heroine’s arrival to the Fortnite Item Shop since Epic Games has already added multiple Marvel heroes to its roster.

MJ Arrives at Fortnite

After the hype generated by Spider-man: Now Way Home, it was inevitable that Epic Games would introduce another set of Marvel characters to Fortnite. The developers have already introduced several characters from the web-slinging hero’s series. The developers introduced Mary Jane Watson to the gamers with Fortnite accounts for this time around.

The Classic Spider-man skin entered Chapter 3 and was available for gamers with Fortnite accounts. The web-slinger’s famous love interest is also coming to the game, and she is not alone; the Classic Green Goblin outfit is also making a comeback. 

The Mary Jane Watson Outfit

While the recent Spider-man film encouraged another set of Marvel outfits, the newest MJ skin is not the same as the one in the movie. The latest cosmetic features a classic take on the famous comic heroine. This follows the theme of the previous Classic Spider-man and Classic Green Goblin outfits.

The Classic Mary Jane Watson outfit is very different from her previous iteration. The latest MJ rocks a banger red hair. She also wears a black shirt with a Spider-man heart print under a brown leather jacket. She dons crimson pants along with her black leather boots. 

Aside from the fabulous outfit, the skin also comes with a Web Shredder Pickaxe. The electric guitar features a Spider-man design and a heart sticker of the web-slinger on the side. With this impressive new outfit, it is impossible not to stand out. 

How to Unlock Mary Jane Watson?

Fortunately, unlocking the latest MJ outfit is very simple. Players will simply need a few V-Bucks. The skin is available for purchase in the item shop. The cosmetic can be unlocked for 1,500 V-Bucks starting March 24.

The new skin is not that hard to find since it has its own section in the shop. The Web Shredder add-on can be acquired once players buy the outfit. It is unclear how long the skin will last, so fans of the comics and gamers should get the set as soon as possible. On top of all this, the bundle also contains the Attack of the Goblin Loading Screen.

The Green Goblin Comeback

Alongside the release of MJ, the Classic Green Goblin also makes his return. After his January release, fans did not expect to see the Spider-man villain back so soon. The relentless supervillain won’t rest until he has taken down his nemesis. 

The Green Goblin set includes various other school stuff other than himself. The package consists of a Pumpkin P’axe and a Goblin Glider. In addition, the bundle also comes with a Pumpkin Bomb Back Bling and the Arm the Pumpkin! Emote.

Not the First MJ in Fortnite

Though fans are very excited about the Classic MJ’s appearance, this is not the first time the Marvel heroine has made her debut in the popular battle royale game. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of MJ was previously available in Fortnite. Michelle Jones-Watson was released in the previous year alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-man variant.

These two outfits were released in a collaboration event with Marvel to promote the No Way Home film. The pair were introduced at the start of Chapter 3, so fans were surprised when Epic Games introduced a Classic version of the web-slinger just a month later. Spider-man’s archnemesis, the Green Goblin, was also added to the game.

The Marvel heroine’s skin is a fantastic and wonderful outfit that Marvel fans should definitely own. However, gamers should never forget that owning skins does not provide any competitive or tactical advantage over other players. They are purely for cosmetic purposes. It is unclear how long the Classic Mary Jane Watson will stay in the Fortnite Item Shop. Fans should unlock the skin while they still can. 

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