Fingerboarding: Everything You Need To Know About It

Fingerboarding means riding a fingerboard, which is a mini replica of a skateboard. This board replicates every part of its bigger counterpart, from decks, wheels, trucks, or even graphics.

The only difference is that one uses fingers instead of legs to control the fingerboard. If you are new to fingerboarding, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about fingerboarding.

What Is A Professional Fingerboard?

As already mentioned, a professional fingerboard is a miniature of a skateboard. Initially created in the 1960s, these fingerboards gained popularity in the 90s.

Since then, it has been quite popular among people who love skateboarding. Just like a skateboard, a fingerboard is made of wood and comes with a layer of grip tape. Besides, it also consists of wheels, trucks and moves with fluidity as a skateboard does.

Why Do People Love Fingerboarding?

Well, people from different backgrounds get into fingerboarding for different reasons. Some people consider it as a pastime that doesn’t come with any risk of injuries. However, most people love fingerboarding because they can enjoy this activity when they can’t skate. Or, many consider finger skateboarding as a way to visualize and hone their skate tricks.

What Does A Fingerboard Consist Of?

Nowadays, you can customize fingerboards with attractive graphics. But all fingerboards consist of the following components-


The fingerboard deck is the main part of this board. This is where your fingers are placed in order to ride the board. They are made of plastic or wood and are shaped in different ways.


Fingerboard wheels consist of bearings and come with many finishes.


These are metal bars where wheels are attached. 

In addition, a fingerboard pack comes with nuts and screws to attach the spare pieces together. Also, there are bushings that are added to the center of the trucks that offer a smooth ride.

As with anything else, make sure to buy fingerboards from specialist manufacturers. In recent years, fingerboards have been produced with poor-quality ingredients. Look for professional manufacturers who use quality materials and also let you customize your fingerboard

Where To Fingerboard?

You can enjoy fingerboarding anywhere! Take it along to the park, or ride a fingerboard on tables, walls, or boulders. You can also invest in fingerboard accessories or high-tech fingerboarding equipment. You can easily find these accessories at your fingerboarding skate or local skate shop-

  • Fingerboard ramps
  • Pivot cups
  • Stickers or graphics for the custom fingerboard
  • Rails or walls, etc.

Fingerboarding Tricks

Now that you have everything you need for the fingerboard, the next step is to learn some fingerboarding tricks. If you are a beginner, you may find it a bit difficult because there are several fingerboard tricks, like grinds, flips, slides, or grabbing. Even if you know a few tips, there is a lot more to learn. Only the sky’s the limit! 

You can get started with classic tricks, like Ollies, Varials, or Kickflips, though. But don’t end up there. If you want to become a master of fingerboarding, you have to surpass the limits and hone your skills.

While fingerboarding, you may even create your own tricks to master the game. In the meantime, show your skills to your friends. You can also choose to upload your skills on social media and create a community of fingerboarders to know more about fingerboarding.


For beginners, fingerboarding seems a bit of a strange activity. You can call it skateboarding for fingers. When you are getting started, it seems easy and nothing more than a sport to pass your time. Once you get into it, you will find that there is much more! Looking to live this hobby? Invest in a good quality professional fingerboard and have fun.

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