A Fault In Tennis- Know Everything About A Fault

Millions of people across the world love to play tennis. Obviously, it is an exciting game and has the capability to make the audience engage in it as soon as the game starts.

So, as a tennis lover, you might want to know everything about this game. Or maybe you are just a beginner in this game, and you are excited to learn how to play tennis.

Just like the popular games, such as cricket, football, hockey, basketball, etc., tennis has some terms of its own. One of the terms is Fault. I am quite sure that you have heard this terminology several times.

What I mean to say is that you might be watching a tennis match and suddenly you hear the term fault from the commentators.

As a tennis lover, or as a player of tennis, you must know about the term fault. Now you might be thinking: what is a fault in tennis?

Well, it is a common issue that can arise at any time during a tennis match. A foot fault in tennis can also happen while the players are engaged during a match.

If you really do not familiar with the term fault, just don’t worry. I will be very happy to help you with this issue. So go through the entire article, and learn about the fault in a tennis match.

What Does A Fault Mean In A Tennis Match? – All About A Fault

If you are asking for the definition of the fault, I can tell you that it is an invalid service in the tennis match which the server may attempt several times.

A receiver can also attempt this wrong service too during a serve. There can be several ways by which a fault can happen in tennis matches.

A Fault In Tennis- Know Everything About A Fault
What Does A Fault Mean In A Tennis Match? – All About A Fault

It can be a double fault. It can be a foot fault or just a normal fault. What happens, in this case, is that the server will get another chance to serve when he or she attempts the first fault.

Now you might be wondering what the reasons can be for such faults.

What Are The Reasons For A Fault In A Tennis Match?

Well, generally what happens in the most cases is when the ball lands outside the service box, it will lead to a fault. There are also several other reasons for which a fault can happen.

Sometimes the players can miss the ball entirely during serve. Sometimes they attempt an illegal release of the ball while servicing, or sometimes the ball may touch any object out of the match.

A fault can also occur if the partner of the server is instantly after a serve.

What Is A Fault In Tennis? : Quizlet

Usually, when the server in the tennis match hits the ball and the ball directly hits the net instead of landing in the court of the receiver, the result will lead to a fault.

Also, if the tennis ball accidentally touches any object outside the service courtyard, it can result in a fault serve. If the first fall occurs, the player who attempts it will get another chance to serve.

Double Fault In Tennis Matches- Do The Players Get Penalties For A double Fault?

What is a double fault in tennis? Trust me! Many people who are curious about the facts of tennis are asking this question every day.

Well, a double fault is another wrong attempt by the server in the tennis match. You have already come to know that the server in a tennis match can get another chance to serve.

A Fault In Tennis- Know Everything About A Fault
Double Fault in Tennis Matches- Do the players get penalty for a double fault

But, if they mistakenly attempt a fault again on the same service, it will result to a double fault.

What happen in this case is that the player who has attempted the double fault, is considered to be mistaken with both the two serves.

He or she then ends up losing the points. Actually, a double fault is making the same mistake in a 2nd chance.

Interesting Facts about the Double Faults

A double fault is very common in the history the tennis matches. There are only a few tennis players who has the record to sustain double faults below 2%.

In The New York Times, Karen Crouse stated that doubles faults were the lashing outs of a tennis player. Even the top-level tennis players committed double faults in their tennis careers.

In the case of the ATP tour, tennis players Henrik Holm and Radomir Vasek shared the worst average of double faults.

As for the WTA tour, the record of the most double faults is held by Anna Kournikova. She was playing a match with Miho Saeki and it was considered as one of the weakest and unplanned comical matches of all time.

Foot Fault In Tennis- What Is It And What Are The Penalties That A Player Can Get For Committing This Mistake?

The foot fault is another mistake that can happen at any time during a tennis match. As the rules in tennis, there is a baseline and the players have to stand both outside and behind the baseline.

Also, you can’t keep one foot inside and one foot outside, as per the tennis rules and regulations.

Therefore, as a tennis player, you have to be very careful and have to keep your tennis position properly before you serve.

A Fault In Tennis- Know Everything About A Fault
Foot Fault In Tennis- What Is It And What Are The Penalties That A Player Can Get For Committing This Mistake

So, if you break any of these rules, it will lead to a foot fault. It is then considered an illegal attempt from the side of the server.

You have to make sure that you do not make such a mistake as you can lose your points badly for this.

The Foot Fault Penalty

The Tennis foot fault penalty can be bad. As per the rule, the opponent player can have one extra throw for an unintentional foot fault. In this case, the players can throw their ball from the position where the last ball landed.

What Is A Let In Tennis?

Let in tennis is a very common service that can happen frequently. But, it is not my fault. In this case, the ball hits the net, but it still touches down the service court. The best part about let is that there are no limits to it.

Generally, when a player in a tennis match is serving, it is then called a let.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Fault Serve In Tennis?

A fault serves in tennis is the unintentional and the unplanned service of a player. When in a tennis match, a player attempts a fault serve, he or she can’t get points for that.

When the tennis ball does not touch the opponent’s service court but directly touches the net cord. When a fault is attempted, the player will get a chance again to serve.

  • How Do I Stop Foot Fault?

As a professional tennis player, you have to be very careful before your serve in order to avoid the foot fault. The simplest thing you can do to stop the foot fault is that you should check if your foot is outside the baseline or not.

You must stand while keeping a safe distance from the baseline so that there is absolutely no chance for making the foot fault.

Also, you can shift your weight in the back foot and then shifting it onto the front foot. That is how you can stop the foot fault.

  • Why Is It Called A Fault In Tennis?

Generally some wrong doings of people is called a fault. In the tennis matches, if the ball hit by the server touches the net and is unable to land in the service courtyard of the opponent, it is considered as a wrong serve. That is why it is called a fault.

  • What Happens When You Double Fault In Tennis?

Double fault occurs after the first fault committed by the server. When the player attempts a double fault, his and her serves are considered as wrong and he or she ends up losing points in the match.

To Sum It Up

There are several terminologies used in tennis matches. Fault, double fault, foot faults are the commonest of all. Of course, they happen unintentionally. But the continuation of faults makes you lose the game.

So try your best not to do that. Keep practicing and it will definitely make you perfect. All the best!

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