Fairway Wood Vs Hybrid: Know The Merits And Demerits

Hybrid Golf clubs combines both wood and iron in order to help golfers so that they can enhance their gaming skills. So you might be thinking what to look for? Your weariness is over now since we are here to discuss the merits and demerits of Fairway wood vs Hybrid.

Hybrids are basically versatile clubs used to dive off the tee or may be chipping near the green. Moreover,you will come across several situations in between.

This informative debate will give a comprehensive insight into the world of Golf. Nowadays, majority of the golfers prefer hybrids in order to remove long irons. 

So follow this informative tutorial of hybrid vs wood  and then decide which one counts the best as per the requirement.

3 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid Distance: Major Points of Distinction

Unless and until you earned the game of a reputed Golfer, it is quite difficult to understand you should opt for the traditional 3 wood or the latest hybrid clubs available in the market. 

Before we engross into the detail specification,you should have a clear idea between a wood and a hybrid. Fairway woods are basically termed as woods as far as the terminology is concerned and are used for shooting from the fairway.

These clubs are meant for shorter distances and are made of metal heads as well as shorter shafts.

The heads of the fairway woods are similar to those of the drivers. However, they are generally small in size. The most significant part that should be taken into account us that the center of gravity of the fairway woord is present at the periphery of the head. The design it displays is an ideal trade-off between accuracy and the distance covered.

With the recent times, most of the golfers are looking for clubs which will produce more precision over a shorter distance.At this juncture, hybrid comes into the forefront.

Hybrids are built in such a fashion that the COG will appear at the front of the head. This gives greater power while striking the ball.

Hitting a ball with the help of 3 hybrid will cause the ball to traverse a much shorter distance whereas in case of 3 Wood it will travel a larger distance.

3 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid: Major Distinction

Both 3 wood club as well as 3 hybrid comes with good accuracy. As already stated, 3 hybrid comes with more precision, but there is a major distinction. The distance traversed by the ball is minimized while there is an increase in the accuracy.

It simply indicates the fact that you have the provision to hit a shot for shorter lengths with the help of 3 hybrid in comparison to the 3 wood club.

If you are a novice who tends to strike the ball at off center points, then hybrid can be the ultimate option for you. That is the reason hybrids are considered more often. On the other hand, fairway wood comes with a longer shaft and needs a huge amount of practice as well as skills to make the most out of it.

If we keep aside the distance and accuracy aspect, angle of descent will change. You will always observe that the ball will roll out more when struck by a 3 wood. It might happen that the angle of descent is larger for hybrids will fly at a higher altitude.

You will get a thorough idea on this if you look at the hybrid vs fairway wood chart.

5 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid: Which one to Choose?

3 hybrid is basically built to replace the age old 3 iron. Most of the 5 hybrid comes with 18 inches of loft. 3 hybrid comes with almost 21 inches. As a result, if we consider this from the lofts point of view 5 wood is closer to 2 iron.

Owing to the difference in head design and the club length, the 5 wood is likely to strike the ball farther than the 3 hybrids. This is also applicable off the fairway or tee shots where actual control is necessary.

If you master it perfectly, you can use it around the green under some circumstances, where it becomes very problematic to use the wedge.

4 hybrid distance is there meant for men which are basically 160 to 210 yards for men. For women, the range varies from 120 to 170 yards. 

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When will you use a 3 Wood?

If you have a great 3 wood but you are not using it then it’s time to use these clubs properly. There are myriads of situation where you found yourself under trap. Proper use of 3 wood club will help you to come out from the troublesome situation and will get you back on track.

  • During punch shots, you can use 3 wood.
  • 3 wood can be used on glass surface.
  • On the edge of the Fringe, 3 woods can be used.

When to use Fairway Wood or a Hybrid?

Now you covered most of the points pertaining to the debate of hybrid vs wood, you should have a better know-how club type. The next thing is to detect the playing situations where you like to select one club over the other.

  • If you are playing on a fairway where the wind is not moving against you, a 3 wood might be the best fit for you.
  • On the other hand, if the lie is rough, then the ideal choice will be the hybrid club. The same doesn’t go with the fairway wood.
  • A fairway wood is suitable for experienced players. It is meant for controlled and precise motions.

Final Implication

In a nutshell, we must say that choosing the right type of golf club is imperative for playing the best game of golf. There are lots of available clubs that come with a specific set of usage.

It will take some time as well as practice to find out the best product on the basis of your style, but the time you invest is worthwhile.

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