Electric Skateboard Vs Regular Skateboard and Longboard, Which One Should I Pick

Different people have different choices, and that’s a fundamental characteristic of human beings. When it comes to deciding skateboarding, some people go for an electric one, and others prefer regular skateboard, or longboard.

Now, a question may emerge, which one you should pick up, right? Well, in that case, you have to contemplate a number of important things, such as speed, safety, ease of learning, price, and so on.

In this write-up, we have discussed the definition, basic differences, and the considerations of electric skateboard, regular skateboard and longboard. So, to have the best one for you, stay with us, and keep reading.

What Is an Electric Skateboard?

Electric Skateboard
Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are also known as e-skate. The popularity of skateboards has been increasing day by day with the passage of time, and they are extremely fun to ride. However, let’s see, what makes them different from the regular skateboard and longboard?

These types of skateboards are equipped with motors, and have removable batteries that are adjusted in the deck. Apart from electronics, they have fiberglass, and metal parts as well. Some electric skateboards have LED headlights and tails light.

Advantage of an E-Skateboard

There are a number of advantages to having an electric skateboard. In this segment, we have pointed out some benefits that surely encourage you to have one.

  • Highly Enjoyable

Skateboarding is indeed a fun activity, and e-skateboard makes it more enjoyable. This type of skateboard will make you feel like you are flying in the air. As it doesn’t require feet to push the board into motion, you’ll get the advantage to enjoy the ride for a long time. You’ll be up to enjoy your surroundings when riding on an e-skateboard.

  • Eco-Friendly

An electric skateboard is an eco-friendly transportation that doesn’t burn fossil fuels and doesn’t release pollutant gasses into the atmosphere like scooters that are powered by gas. That means, e-skateboards are comparatively more environment-friendly than other popular modes of transportation.

  • Faster Speed

Electric skateboards can touch the maximum speed of 22 miles per hour usually. You’ll find some E-skateboards as well, which can go 28 miles per hour, such as Wowgo 2x Max. Besides that, if you would like to use skateboards on hills and across flat surfaces faster and safer, e-skateboard will be the best selection. E-skates enable users to reach their destination on time with less effort and safety than traditional skateboard, or longboard.

  • Effortless Ride

As you don’t need to use your feet to push you and your board along, you can ride for a long time without much effort. Moreover, you no longer have to arrive at your destination a sweaty mess. Apart from that, some e-skateboards are designed to easily take users uphill; making simple work of 15-degree inclines, with the ability to reach the highest speeds of around 11 miles per hour.

  • Durability

Compared to the conventional skateboards, e-skateboards are more durable. For instance, we can mention the name of Wowgo skateboards that have been designed to use for years without confronting any difficulties. If your budget is under 500 dollars, you can go for Wowgo, built-in 12S2P cells that confer more power. In simple words, they will ensure great distance, more flexible & durable, and excessive power as well.

Disadvantage of an E-skateboard

Each of the gadgets have both advantages and disadvantages.  Though electric skate-boards provide lots of facilities, they hold some inconvenience. These include

  • Electric skateboards are comparatively heavier than traditional ones as they have batteries and motors.
  • People with heavy weight won’t get advantage using these electric versions.
  • E-skateboards are much more expensive than conventional ones. The price range of these skateboards is between $200-$100.
  • You have to charge it if you are supposed to go for a long ride.

What Is Longboard?

What Is Longboard
What Is Longboard

The longboard is one of the most popular types of skateboards that are used for multiple purposes and contexts including downhill, slalom, freestyle, cruising, and carving.

In simple words, a longboard is a sort of skateboard which is comparatively large that ranges from 38-60 inches [96-152 centimeters]. The name of the longboard has come from the longboard surfboards, which are much larger than conventional shortboards. Longboards wheels are also larger [60-80 mm], and softer than regular skateboards.

Advantage of Having a Longboard

There are lots of advantages that longboards provide. Here, we have described some of the benefits that will clarify why a user should use a longboard.

  • The maximum number of riders choose longboards to use for downhill racing, which is an extreme sport.
  • For cruising, longboards are the first choice as they are mostly similar to surfboards.
  • Longboards are more stable than regular skateboards; thus, they are for freeriding as well.
  • Compared to the regular skateboards, longboards are more durable.
  • Longboards are comparatively more affordable than e-skateboards. You can purchase some budget longboards under 100 dollars.

Disadvantage of a Longboard

Here are some cons of a longboard that you may face. These include.

  • The size of the longboards are big and bulky.
  • Heavier than short skateboard
  • Compared to short skateboards, longboards are expensive.

What Is a Regular Skateboard or Short Board?

The regular skateboard is mostly known as trick boards, which are the most common type of skateboards. This type of skateboard is basically used for doing tricks like kickflips, ollies, doing grinds, skating bowls, jumping off stairs and many more. Regular skateboard is convenient to carry, and simple to use as well if the rider is experienced.

Advantage of Having a Regular Skateboard

There are lots of benefits that you’ll get from a regular skateboard or shortboard. Some of them have been illustrated below.

  • Compared to e-skateboards and longboards, regular skateboards are lightweight.
  • You can easily carry a regular skateboard in your backpack.
  • These are simple to fit in an overhead bin or a locker.
  • Regular short skateboards are not as expensive as e-skateboards and longboards.
  • They provide more tricks and functionality.

Disadvantage of a Regular Skateboard

Regular skateboards hold some disadvantages as well. These are

  • Slower than a longboard and e-skateboard.
  • Not much stable like a longboard.
  • Too hard to ride for beginners.
  • Without previous experience, it is indeed difficult to ride.

Which One Should I Pick?

Well, we have demonstrated definitions, advantages, and disadvantages of the three types of skateboards. Now, let’s see which one you should pick.

To choose the right one, you have to consider a couple of things. Suppose, you would like to reach your destination within a short period of time with less effort, then go for an electric skateboard. But, keep in mind that this type of e-bike requires charge, much heavier due to motors, and batteries.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie, and supposed to learn skateboarding, we’ll recommend you picking up a longboard. A longboard is more stable than an electric skateboard and regular skateboard. Keep in mind that the longboard is much heavier and you’ll find it difficult to carry.

We’ll suggest purchasing a regular skateboard, if you are experienced one because of its less stability. Besides that, to carry from one place to another easily, you can go for it. If you think about your budget, then regular skateboarding is the reliable choice.

Final Verdict

So, that was the difference between electric skateboard vs regular skateboard, and longboard. We have provided merits, demerits of the three skateboards. You can choose any of them considering a number of things such as, speed, budgets, weight, and shape.

If you would like to have one that will help you reach your destination within a short time, decide on an electric one. To get much stability and durability, a longboard is the best one. For an experienced rider, a regular skateboard is a reliable choice which is affordable as well.

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