Different types of computer games

Earlier computer games were meant to be a kids-only thing but now computer games are developed to catch the interest of people of all ages. Computer games market is expanding and it has started targeting people of varying ages.

Gaming industry has become very intelligent in realizing the different motives that different people have for playing games. Some have recreational motive while others seek fun and then there are people who are just addicted to the games. There are many different reasons for which people want to play a video game. Here are some of the most popular and commonly known categories of computer games.

Car racing
First-person shooter
Third-person games
Role-playing games
Strategy games
Educational games
Business games
Simulation games


These are one of the most pioneering games in the gaming industry visit onlinecasinosnoop.com. From games like Lotus to Need for speed series or Need for speed undercover, the list goes on. Racing games haven’t been only confined to car racing but lately truck racing, bike racing, and speed boat racing have also been introduced.

People loving car racing always want a more real experience of racing and they are provided with the anticipated new flavors, evry time a new racing game for computers is unleashed.

Role playing

These games have been introduced a few years back. Earlier there were no such games. People interested in learning to play roles in different situations were given something that would be more engaging and help them add a personal touch to that situation. Games like Dragon Age have not only won awards but have been applauded by people all around the world.

First person shooter

These are the most basic forms of three-dimensional games introduced almost a decade ago. One of the earliest of all these games was Wolfenstein 3D. This game was designed in an underground scenario of World War II with a lot of levels.

It took the audience by surprise and since its success, a lot of first-person shooter games started coming. This type of game is still a big hit like Metal Gear Solid, Hallo 3, and the likes.

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