NFL Coach Salary – A Story of Millions

NFL Coach Salary

Are you a football fanatic? Do you love those goose bumping high voltage football matches of NFL Coach Salary? Do you always shout for your favourite club in the playground? Is your secret ambition is to be a footballer? Do you always dream to get a selfie with your favourite team? Well, football is a … Read more

What Is A Tight End In Football?

What Is A Tight End In Football

There is a quote from Ronald, ‘I learned all about life with a ball in my feet’. Pretty mixed emotions aren’t they? But, being a football coach in college, I indeed take it into consideration when I learn the game strategies that blow my mind,  like what is sack in football, or what does DB … Read more

How Many Quarters In Football? Full Explained

how many quarters in football

Regardless of the league, there are four quarters in a football game. The third and fourth quarters are separated by one halftime, which is also called a break. The length of each quarter depends on how well the game is played. College and NFL (National Football League) games have 15-minute quarters, while youth and high … Read more

The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl

The Lowest Scoring Game Ever In Nfl

The super-exciting NFL matches surely increase your adrenaline flow! I mean, who can ignore the great scoring moves, the wall-like defence, and the world class runs across the field! But what about the lowest scoring matches? Let me give you a friendly advice! Low score does not imply, in any way at all, that those … Read more