What Does DB Mean In Football?

what does db mean in football

I am a die heart fan of football strategies like, onside kick rules, smashmouth offense, and west coast offense are some of my personal favorites. But indeed the game has no limits to its strategies. I have come across another competitive and exciting but even some abbreviation that is gradually growing on me which is … Read more

How To Paint A Football Helmet

How To Paint A Football Helmet

Many people have old tarnished Paint A Football Helmet but don’t want to sell them for many reasons. If you are one of them and thinking about what to do with the used helmet, then this context is for you.  The maximum number of football helmets come with normal adornment, and over time, they become … Read more

What you do not know about Pro Football?

Professional football becomes part of our life as soon as winters arrive. The bars and living rooms across the country get filled with fans, cheering for their favourite teams. While you must be aware of all the excitement that surrounds the Pro football, here are some interesting things that you might not be aware of. … Read more

Strategies And Techniques of Onside Kick Rules-Know The Ins And Outs


An Onside Kick is basically an attempt made by the team that they like to kick the football with the intention of recovering it easily. You can easily retrieve the onside kick if you kick the team only when it traverses 10 yards beyond the benchmark where it was earlier kicked. This is the basic … Read more

Need Of Stretches In Soccer


It is very interesting and thoughtful to think about how much Soccer is loved by the people around the world. The games of the last World Cup was seen by almost 4 billion people from around the world. It should also be noted down that the whole world population is around 8 billion. The game … Read more