How to reach the bonus rule platform in NBA(2020 Updated)

how-many-fouls-in -ba

Committing fouls in NBA and their assessment is a tough analysis and that is why there is an official NBA rulebook which enunciates on every foul committed and on what grounds has it been committed. The NBA bonus rules are a territory of its own and have its own set of rules and regulations. In … Read more

Some Fundamentals About Basketball Passing Drills


The game is highly based on team effort. What it means is that the players should put their best foot forward while playing the game and their moves should be well-coordinated and synced with each other. The key to winning a basketball game is to master the passing drills basketball. Even then, it’s the most … Read more

Rebounding Drills in Basketball


Winning a basketball game depends a lot on the rebounding drills. These drills are the best tool to baffle the defense and get some free throw liberty for the team. A rebounder carries a lot of importance and higher place in the team. It’s a skill that takes a lot of time to grow and … Read more