Next-Gen QB Pressure: Defensive End Vs Linebacker

Linebackers and defensive ends are essential in football. They’re similar in tackles and pressure on quarterbacks, but there are distinctions. Football defensive leaders may pressure opposing quarterbacks or produce plays from anywhere on the field. ” Defensive ends and linebackers have different roles while stopping the run. When the ball is snapped, the defence lines … Read more

How Much Should I Be Able To Deadlift

If you have just hit the gym and now you are thinking how much should I be able to deadlift, then read this article very carefully. Because here I shall give you all the required information related to deadlifting. In short, how much should you be able to deadlift depends on various things like, what … Read more

5 Jim Wendler Quotes to Motivate You

Jim Wendler

Jim Wendler is a strength and conditioning coach with over 20 years of experience. He has coached athletes at all levels, from youth sports to the NFL. Jim started his career as an athlete himself, playing football for the University of Nebraska and then professionally in Canada. Jim’s passion for coaching led him to pursue … Read more

How Doing Sports Can Help You Study

How Doing Sports Can Help You

Why do you think physical education is needed at school? Is it needed to keep students healthy? Besides this, the impact of sports on the life and studies of students is much greater than it seems at first glance. Exercise activates the brain, promotes creativity, and improves performance. Recent neurophysiological studies show that physical activity … Read more