What Is Box In Football: The Essential Guide

The box is very common slang in American Football, which refers to the defensive and offensive players who are lined up between the offensive tackles. This box mainly refers to the linebackers who stand just behind the defensive line.

Those who are not familiar with the term box in American Football should know about it, what it is, and what it refers to. If you don’t know the importance of the term Box in football and are curious to know about it, then this article is going to be very helpful for you, so just stay with us.

Why Does The Box Matter In Football?

box in football

The coaches have to identify the boxes as the width from offensive tackle to offensive tackle and there will be 5-yard depth in front and behind the offensive tackles. That area is mainly known as a box, which is often drawn in a box. 

Well, this box is standard for all levels of play where the coaches will identify this box and how many players are there in the box. 

The players will also identify this box to understand the defense who committed to running. Moreover, they will also determine who to block in their blocking schemes. 

  • However, if the offense has enough players, they will have to block all the players to run the ball. The box has a lot of importance in Football, let us know why it matters a lot. 
  • It remains very helpful for the coaches to identify how many players will commit to running. 
  • The offensive coaches will have the box count, which means how many players are in the box. It will block their run plays. 
  • If the offensive coaches recognize that there are few players in the box they will call a run play. While if there are more players in the box, the offensive coaches will throw the ball into play and best the main coverage. 
  • The defense has to decide if they want to stack the box to stop the run or they will go with a few players in the box to play the pass. 

The box has a lot of importance in Football that decides the action of defense and offensive players. Now, let us know about stacking the box in Football. 

What Does ‘Stack The Box’ In Football Mean?

box in football

Stacking the box is a very commonly used term in Football, which is mainly used to identify how many players are inside the box. When the defense stacks the box, they will keep more players inside the box than the offense can handle so that they can take significant advantage of it. 

Let us understand with an example if the offense is standing in a typical spread formation with four wide receivers. Now, if they are deciding to hand off the ball, the offense will have only five players to block the running back. 

Well, if the defense has seven players in the box, the coaches and the players will refer to the situation as stacking the box. This situation will not favor the offense to run the football but it will be on their side to throw the football out. 

The teams will try to apply blocking schemes by keeping one more player than offense so that they can better tackle the ball. In some other terms, stacking the box refers to the loaded box, which also has the same meaning as stacking the box.

It means there will be more defensive players in the box than the offense can handle. It also helps the coaches to take advantage by creating schemes and formations to bring offense in the best formation for big plays. 

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