Best tennis rackets strings for spin and power

The strings are the only contact points that come across with the balls directly. Due to this, they have an essential role in the game. There are many types of strings in the market. You can choose the best strings by understanding the following points:

Kind of strings

There are different strings, but synthetic and natural gut strings are the best.
Natural gut strings are more costly than synthetic gut strings. So people prefer synthetic gut on genuine tennis racket strings as it is budget-friendly and best for spin and power.


To buy the best tennis racket strings, you should also consider their durability. The strings should be strong enough to bear the speed of the tennis ball. They should not lose the tension after a short time.

Choose the best brand

The strings of local brands are usually not good stuff. If you want to buy the best strings, you should choose them from branded sites. The best brands for natural strings are:

Babolat VS touch
Luxilon Natural Gut
Wilson Natural Gut

The tension of the string:If a player wants to buy the best tennis string, he should also check the string’s tension. The tension of strings usually lies between 35 to 70 pounds. If the pressure of the strings is higher, you will have to put short power for the entire swing. Low tension strings need a lot of energy.


Make sure that the strings you buy have an excellent spin. Many strings provide the best spin:

  • Babolat RPM Blast
  • Luxilon ALU Power Spin
  • Solinco Tour Bite 19
  • Tecnifibre Black Code 4S 16
  • Volkl Cyclone 16cccIf you are best player in tennis game and want to become a champ you should choose one of the above given strings for your rackets. No doubt, the quality equipment always helps to make the performance better in game & gives lot of benefits for players to stay and give their best during match.

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