Best of 5 IPL 2022 betting apps

Top 5 cricket & IPL 2022 betting Apps in India

888sport App

In terms of design, this is a simpler and more austere version of the 888sport bookmaker’s website. There is a drop-down menu at the top that may be accessed by clicking on the bars in the upper left corner. You can check in here, pick “Prematch,” “Live,” or go to the coupon. There are further sections under “Rules,” “Support,” “Settings,” “The ABCs of Betting,” “About,” and “Contact.” A slider with five alternating banners is located a little lower on the page. The banners’ content promotes the bookmaker’s office, as well as incentives and promotions from 888sport.

The mobile and full versions of the website include links to download the app for Apple devices. The Android software can be downloaded directly from the 888sport website, and installation instructions are included. Although they differ, the Apps follow the same obvious logic as the mobile version. In place of the “Today” tab, gamers are presented with a search box. In addition, the bettor can add fascinating cricket-related events to his favorites.

The visual live animation is a benefit of the mobile version and apps. The user can observe what is going on in the game right now. The rapid betting option is still available in the applications. The event coverage is as good as the website’s complete version. Registered individuals can watch live video broadcasts if their Internet connection is fast enough. The applications enable essential financial transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals.

Players praise the design of the apps and the mobile version in evaluations, and also mention cases of live “hang-ups,” though not private ones. Bettors enjoy 888sport’s mobile offering. The initial deposit incentive for registration and identification is a fantastic feature. The bookmaker is an appealing alternative in India’s legal online cricket betting industry thanks to a package that includes a mobile version as well as iOS and Android apps.

Casumo App

Casumo, which was founded in 2012, is run by Casumo Services Limited. Casumo is an excellent option if you want something different from your typical betting experience. It’s the world’s first adventure cricket betting software, and the quirky and colorful design will keep you entertained for hours. Make your Casumo avatar and start playing right now.

Casumo is a betting company that knows how to greet new customers, and the welcome bonus is rather good. However, the bonus varies based on the country in which you play. Countries in Asia and Europe will receive a very attractive offer for betting on the IPL 2022. In addition, there is a very big welcome bonus for new players.

Fun88 App

Fun88 has two distinct web addresses: one for the Fun88 India mobile site and another for the Fun88 website’s web version. In terms of the user interface, we believe Fun88 India’s mobile site is far superior.

Fun88 now features Android and iOS apps for those who want to wager online while on the go. In terms of the user interface, this smartphone app is ideal for cricket aficionados. Its offers meet all of the requirements of each player.

Fun88 has a vast selection of video broadcasts on many sports. The broadcasts are of good quality, but they occasionally freeze. They are represented by green icons that resemble video cameras. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to register with the firm to access the available video broadcasts.

New players will be kept delighted by a large bonus offer in the Fun88 mobile app. Especially when it comes to betting on cricket and cricket-related events around the world. The mobile app itself greets cricket enthusiasts and strives to make your betting experience as pleasant as possible. There is a carefully created incredibly comprehensive offer for players here, particularly for the IPL 2022. Come in and place your wagers with Fun88.

Royal panda App

Royal Panda features a mobile version as well as Android and iOS apps. The apps can be downloaded from a specific section on the home page, which is represented by a large banner on the right-hand side. You can also click on the Google Play (which automatically starts the download) and App Store (which connects to the application page in Apple’s mobile app store) buttons. In terms of functionality, the applications are identical to the mobile version and not much inferior to the main one. If a player does not want to put his money in danger right away, he can use the Royal Panda demo app.

Initially, Royal Panda had only one sport on the line: football. Customers can now wager on six sports: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and cricket. The odds at the bookmaker have never been remarkable, with margins ranging from 7 to 12 percent depending on the sport and the prestige of the event.

The company’s recent reorientation to the Indian market means that it is now aggressively striving to develop its offer for this sport. As a result, the bonus system reflects this. It’s fantastic and instantly welcomes new gamers to profit with Royal Panda.


Today, the office is licensed in Curacao and only accepts bets online. The bookmaker’s main website address is According to the office, the number of active Rabona clients has long exceeded one million. In addition, we will look at mobile betting in Rabona blue, its benefits, the process of downloading and installing the programs, and provide you with other important information in this post.

Rabona App

Rabona offers a mobile version as well as a variety of apps for smartphones (Android and iOS) and PCs (Windows and macOS). The mobile version is up to date and functional. The only disadvantage is the absence of live chat. Mobile betting, depositing and withdrawing money, playing a variety of virtual gambling games (poker, casino, slots, slot machines, totalizator), viewing video broadcasts of events, and so on are all possible.

Rabona’s mobile version lets you not only place bets but also access practically all of the bookmaker’s fixed website’s services. Players can access any of the site’s categories via the side menu: Sports, Casino, Virtual Sports, and Toto. In addition, Rabona users can examine their betting history, make deposits and withdrawals, and change their passwords in the private office.

Nonetheless, we fell in love with Rabona’s cricket mobile app. The organization has been in business for a long time and understands what its customers want. That is why the offer is so stylish. Not only will anyone be able to get a welcome bonus on their first deposit here, but they will also be able to find appealing tournaments and promotions. Betting on IPL 2022 this year promises to be an exciting and premier event in the world of cricket. That is why we advise you not to pass up the opportunity with Rabona.

What are cricket betting apps in India?

With the advancement of mobile technology, online sports betting has gained a new platform – a mobile device that provides a new level of freedom to the bettor and a new vista for betting shops.

Betting via a cell phone or other handheld device has numerous advantages. First and foremost, there is mobility and the ability to place bets without having to take a break from any activity or occupation, as well as simple facilities to check the line, match scores, and even the progress of the game utilizing video streaming.

So, today’s cricket betting apps in India is a fantastic opportunity to generate money from anywhere in the country. And, because mobile apps are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no reason for players to be concerned.

The smartphone app is a one-of-a-kind way to earn money from cricket at any time. We will go into more detail about the cricket betting app itself and its advantages over the mobile versions of the site or the main site a little further down. As a result, our response is as follows. Cricket betting applications are the betting world’s future.

IPL betting apps on Betraja

Cricket betting is popular around the world today. Hence cricket betting platforms are gaining popularity. Therefore, a newcomer to the world of betting is faced with the question of where to bet. Reviews are becoming more and more necessary. From here, a great website for cricket betting app reviews was born. Betraja is a great option for all those looking for a betting platform. In the reviews from Betraja, you will find a great selection of legal companies in India. The player will be able to find a description of the company from all sides. Therefore, this is a great site to find the right platform.

What are the advantages of using an IPL betting app?

As a result, today’s cricket betting software provides an excellent possibility to earn money from anywhere in the country. And, because mobile apps are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, players have no reason to be frightened.

The smartphone app is a one-of-a-kind way to earn money from cricket at any time of day or night. A bit further down, we’ll go into more detail regarding the cricket betting app and its advantages over mobile versions of the site or the main site. As a result, we have the following response. IPL cricket betting apps are the future of the betting industry.

The mobile app of a betting firm is typically available for download from the betting company’s stationery website in a separate mobile area or through the mobile website. When you open the mobile portal, the invitation to install the iOS or Android app shows automatically. Legal betting companies’ apps are also available on the official Google Play and App Store. However, due to Google’s policy, there are occasionally issues with the apk file on Android. However, this is not a problem, and most businesses have a remedy for such a problem.

Betting applications have numerous advantages over betting from a desktop computer, as well as betting via mobile betting sites. Let’s go over them:

+When you download and install a mobile application, you immediately download all of the elements of the application interface into your device’s memory, which will not load every time you open it, as happens when you open a mobile website.
+All services and functional modules, as well as the interface, in mobile applications, are optimized for operation on the individual mobile device.
+Mobile applications frequently lack additional sports betting services such as cricket betting or poker, and mini-games, making them considerably faster and easier to navigate.
+Viewing video broadcasts of sporting events is now more convenient with mobile applications.

The disadvantage of betting from a mobile device via an app or mobile site may be that they have less capability than the official fixed site, but modern software for mobile devices is continually improving and is already inferior to fixed software in many aspects.

Mobile betting is the way of the future, especially because handheld devices are continually improving in terms of speed, usefulness, visuals, and interface components. In the future, voice commands will be able to be used to place bets and search for the necessary markets, making it much easier to traverse the company’s website.

Is IPL 2022 betting legal in India?

As we have said many times before, cricket is a national treasure of India and the world of cricket betting. The sport is not just official, it is encouraged. Cricket betting is available on all possible platforms. We have prepared a short guide on legitimate companies on which to place bets.

Final verdict 

IPL cricket betting is the most anticipated event of 2022. That is why every company is preparing. This preparation includes developing a mobile app, improving their lineup and other offerings. Stay tuned to Betraja for updates.

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