Rebounding Drills in Basketball

Winning a basketball game depends a lot on the rebounding drills. These drills are the best tool to baffle the defense and get some free throw liberty for the team. A rebounder carries a lot of importance and higher place in the team. It’s a skill that takes a lot of time to grow and get better at. 

The skills are better learned when it’s practiced at a young age. The drill can be more of a mental exercise than a skill. The players have to think like that they want to do it for an effective rebounding. These drills are considered to be a very efficient tool in enhancing the performance of the team. 


Drills in Basketball

Basketball is a game that is totally based on drills. The trainers, while preparing a team, often focus more on the specific drills that help in rebounding only. However, if it is looked from a different and wider perspective, all the drills can be rebounding ones. Though, there are multiple drills that are designed to improve the rebounding mindset. 

The best trainer is one who can change any drill into the rebounding one. The scope of customization is there in each drill and trainers/coaches can emphasize them. 


Some Skills

There are some skills that are built from youth rebounding drills are:

Hands Up

The drill will prepare you to be able to squirt the ball with your hands up while you jumped and still above the ground. It can be practiced with the help of the backboard. Try squirting the ball with the right hand and touch the rim every time you jump. On fixed intervals, switch the sides as well as the hands. This drill can be practiced up to 50 squirts or two minutes.

Get Hands Ready

The drill should be started from the right side and keep switched regularly. The drill is done for the sole purpose of getting your hands ready for action. Try dribbling the ball on the backboard 3 times and for the 4th time, try approaching the basket. It is a very important exercise in rebounding drills for youth basketball. You must not take rest between the set and always aim the ball so it bounces back over your head. The sets should be of 20 dribbles each.

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Box Out

In this drill, two players from both sides lined up on each side of the lane. When the coach throws the ball, the defense has to block while the offensive side has to approach for the rebound. In case the offense gets successful in rebounding, they try to score. If the defensive side got the ball, they return it to the coach. The drill continues till it’s practiced well.


To Become Better Rebounders

There are some qualities that are needed to be there in the mindset and personality of the player for an efficient youth basketball rebounding drills. Qualities that help in effective learning and successful drills are:



The skillset is very important in transforming a player from a good rebounder to a better one. A player in the basketball isn’t just made a successful one just by his size, he/she must have a very good and unique skill set that will eventually help in getting hold of the game.


The player should also have good knowledge of the game that he/she is playing. The player should be aware of all the rules and regulations and how the scores can be increased. The drills are very helpful in improving a player’s knowledge who is a beginner.



Along with skill and knowledge, if a player isn’t determined then he/she will never be able to improve the game. No basketball rebounds have the ability to help him/her. Determination is the key to any success, let alone the game of basketball.

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