Baseball Fever! Top 5 Baseball Facts You Need to Know

Sports are always interesting, origin stories, best plays, best players, and more. One of the biggest sports in the world is Baseball. Known and played throughout the world, this sport has reached even the farthest of countries.

With the sport’s simple rules and layout, everyone will get a kick out of the game and undoubtedly have a great time!

Athlete or not, people are sure interested in the games as they are as exciting as any sport out there! With classic games and even chocolate bars being named after famous players, without a doubt, the game’s popularity comes with no question. With basic ideas, here are some interesting facts about the game you need to know.

The “Sweet Spot”

One of the most known baseball facts when playing is hitting the ball with the bat’s “sweet spot.” This spot makes a loud cracking sound with little to no vibration within the bat. This improves your chances of scoring a home run when hitting in the mentioned spot. Not everybody can consistently hit the sweet spot, but if you do, you are a good batter!

The “sweet spot,” located between 5-7 inches from the bat’s barrel, is the most desired hitting spot. To hit sweet spots consistently, focus, timing, and reaction time is essential. With pitches reaching speeds of 100 mph, this is no easy task for any professional player. But with consistent practice in the batting cage, anything is possible! So start practicing!

A Little Pretty Pocket-Book

Have you ever wondered who coined or how Baseball started being called Baseball? The answer is in John Newbery’s little book. The game was portrayed with posts instead of the standard sandbags and flat plates everyone is accustomed to in the book. While it was shown with bars, the general thought of the game was expressed in the book.

John Newbery’s book was popular in England, but ever since the book was reprinted and distributed in North America, it was one of New York and Massachusetts’ best sellers. People picked up the books, and thus Baseball was known as Baseball and the beginning of a beautiful sport that millions will come to enjoy.

New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club

This club is essentially responsible for modern-day Baseball. This group of great people in Baseball started crafting the rules, set perimeters, foul lines, limiting of outs in a game, and removing the dodgeball rules formed the game to what the people know today. Several groups were creating individual rules, but the New York club was considered the pioneers.

The New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club is highly regarded as legends in the sport. The founder Alexander J. Cartwright started as a casual, amateur player but is now a certified baseball legend. Many of the rules that they have implemented are still being used in the modern game. Talk about an impact one club can make in the sport. 

Intimate Baseball

In most places, Baseball is used in a not so sporty fashion. It is sometimes used to describe the level of intimacy a person has had with a partner. For example, there are four bases in the field; the first base is usually kissing. The second base is usually some touching and skin action, the third base is having intercourse orally, and then the home run is having intercourse.

Now, that is not exactly how all the places use Baseball as a reference. Sometimes, people have more in-depth meaning to the bases, but it says the same thing that they have been intimate with the person. So if you want to explain to somebody the level of intimacy you have reached with a partner, use Baseball as an example. 

The Labrum Tear

Also known as the career-ender. Everyone knows that your hands are the most significant assets if you are a baseball player, especially if you are a pitcher. The Labrum tear needs surgery to recover. Not all who get this injury bug recover 100% because of how important it is in throwing the Baseball, and getting this tear limits movement and will affect your arm.

Now, it’s not to say that there are people who didn’t come back from this horrific injury. A few have recovered and continued with their careers, but it is not that common as we would like. It’s hard to think about injuries when playing any sport, but when we push our bodies’ limits, sometimes the limits push back.


Baseball is a worldwide phenomenon; the people follow significant tournaments like the MLB. Viewers watch Baseball as it provides excitement. Watching pitchers throw fastballs and batters catching these pitches in the sweet spot is something else. The energy in the stadiums as people support the players and teams. It’s a different environment, but it’s incredible.

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