A Go-To Guide for Baseball with Average Baseball Game Length and More!

If you are too hurried to see the end of a game, then refrain from going to a baseball gaming event. This is because it is just the opposite in the case of baseball.

A twin of cricket in terms of style, baseball is a game involving two teams, one of which is the batting team while the other one goes fielding. The kind of field and all the other terms differ when you compare cricket with baseball. For instance, the former starts as soon as a “bowler” throws the ball at the batsman’s end, while in the latter, with the pitcher throwing the ball at the batsman.


A Handful of Facts about Baseball

You might be aware of the game called baseball but you might still be confused regarding the gameplay and the rules. So, here are some useful facts which will help you comprehend the game and/or learn some details about the game which you perhaps didn’t know of:

●     Baseball is the only game played extensively in North America.

●     The game of baseball doesn’t have an exact time clock. There are several innings and end of nine such innings decides the fate of the game. It doesn’t have any such time clock but the average baseball game length is about three hours.

●     MLB or the Major League Baseball is a professional organization of baseball. It is in fact, the oldest surviving organization in the United States and Canada.

●     Major League Baseball Constitution is the governing body of MLB.

We hope that we have answered some of your questions here. However, there might still be numerous questions about baseball which still remains unanswered. Thus, we have decided to answer some of the most pertinent questions. So, keep the following:


How long is a MLB game?

As we have already mentioned it in the earlier half of the article that baseball is not the fastest of games. It takes place in its own unique way and strangely, baseball doesn’t have a clock to end it. Here, the play goes on till nine innings. However, if the game is still tied at the end of the ninth inning the teams would fight for another innings to decide the winner of the match. Even if asked “how long is a professional major league baseball game?”, then the answer would be just the same.


In a normal baseball match and most importantly, in one of such a prestigious event as the MLB, the match officials don’t want to waste a second more while in a match to make it boring for the audience. They are quite stringent about the batsmen wasting time while he is out to bat or when a pitcher delays to throw. However, if the batters continue hitting spectacularly, with frequent home runs and time is lost due to the runners moving around the base paths, the audiences don’t mind much if the game goes beyond 3 hours. Most of the time a baseball game is around 3 hours.

Thus, if you wonder “how long do baseball games last?” then it is at least 3 hours and beyond.

Average Length of a MLB Game?

There have been countless initiatives that the baseball authority is taking to shorten the length of a game since quite some time now. Despite several attempts to hasten the gameplay, we had seen that the average length of a nine-inning baseball game took near about 4 ½ minutes extra for the commencement of the game. Even the commissioner’s office was pretty concerned about it.


In 2016, the average length of MLB game was 3 hours 42 seconds. But, in 2017, according to the commissioner’s office, the average length rose up to 3 hours, 5 minutes and 11 seconds. Even with that number, the number of replays in the majors dropped. Furthermore, we have also seen that even the percentage of the overturned calls also dipped below average.

While if we look at the highlights of 2018, the average Major League Baseball game here, lingered for 3 hours and 9 minutes. Therefore, the total time taken by a particular game of baseball can vary hugely and might not always be according to what the average length of the game is. So, in case you are rooting for a baseball match, you have to prepare your day accordingly. 

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Tips to Plan your Baseball Match Day


If there is a match which you would have to attend with your best friend or your boyfriend because it is his best game, then be prepared. Here we give away some tips that might make you ready for the upcoming baseball event:

●     Remaining flexible throughout the day is the best way to go in case of a base balling event. The best advantage of you being flexible is that you won’t be regretting the other engagements if the game exceeds its usual time.

●     If you are heading out to the stadium, it is always advised to reach the stadium as early as possible if long queues and chaos terrifies you. The very thought of it makes me swoon. Thus, I get down at the stadium as fast as feasible and buy the tickets to secure the watching experience.

●     When in security checks, the clear bags can aid you in easing up your experience and might also help you in getaways. These bags immediately get you out of any suspicion, which might otherwise arise in the minds of the security personnel.

●     Enjoy the thrill of the game by supporting a time whole-heartedly. You will only experience a game in its fullest, regardless of what the game is if you happen to be a die-hard fan of a particular team participating. Even in a baseball game, you would notice just the same, where you simply have to go ahead and support a particular team.


Games can make you feel alive. If you haven’t already experienced that feeling, rush to the nearest stadium and be a spectator. It is all the more thrilling if there is a baseball biggie lined up!

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