A Guide to Types of Bikes

Working in a big city like New York, it is not easy to remain confined to the metro and bus for travelling. I am a bachelor, and I have to do all my works by myself. For that reason, I had to find some ways to minimize my time wastage during transportation. As a result, I had to get personal transport, and I prefer a road bike for its budget feasibility.

Now a dilemma arose in mind regarding the type of road bike I have to buy. I searched a lot about them from my friends, colleagues and other people too. I got to know about ten types of road bikes from my research from other people and the internet.

Ten types of bike:

Off-road electric bikes:

Off-road electric bikes are one of the most demandable and use bicycles in the market. It has both mechanical and physical feature. It is generally run by the motor which is generated by the battery. The rider can use the standard physical feature by using paddling. It is a preferable bike for all people. Various kinds of trekking can also be done with the bike. Check Some off-Road Ebike Review

Regular road bikes:

The regular road bikes are the usual paddled bikes. It is generally used by applying more physical strength. People from all walks of life use it. But it can cause a lot of fatigue for long-distance. It is not only used for transportation but also for work purposes too. The bikers usually select them as they are available everywhere, and their prices are comparatively low.

Mountain Bikes:

The mountain bike is usually the slim shaped broad bike, having narrow tire. The brakes and the handles are not like the usual ones. They generate much speed per paddle. Most of them are seen in the cycle race competitions. The mountain bikes are also much used when it comes to speed. The school and college students are seen to ride the bikes in the cities for their sole purposes. Its brake system is much developed and provides an individual console to the rider.

Gravel/Adventure Bikes:

The gravel bikes are usually the type of mountain bikes but more flexible. They have the same features but more upgraded. They typically have the gear feature which enables the gear generation in the bike. The gravel/ adventure bikes are also pretty much active for the long rally of bikes. Various organizations set on the ride on them. The young generation is very much attracted to these kinds of bikes. They are pretty much common around us.

Utility Bikes:

They are the so-called backdated bike. Mostly people use them for work purposes. It has space at the back to keep working materials on it. The rider can also carry a passenger on it. They are the most common and used bike in the new generations. People have been using it for a long time for their profession. Postman, milkman etc. are still seen using them for their work.

Comfort/Fitness Bikes:

The bikes which are generally suggested for the fitness purposes are the fitness bikes. They have full flat tires to provide more skit to the rider. It makes them paddle more and work for their fitness. Moreover, fitness bikes are also available in a static way. The rider can fix them in their house and can ride them without moving. But the paddling helps them to work on their fitness.

Fat Bikes:

The fat bikes are usually used for transportation. It has a pair of fat tyres that gives the best and most useful tracings on the road. It also makes the rider comfortable on the ride. Moreover, it is very much suitable for the young generations as it is very much active to work for fitness too.

Triathlon Bikes:

One of the most used bikes for the racing competitions are the Triathlon Bikes. It is very much active in giving the best service to the racer for the racing as well the comfort during the racing. It enables us to provide the maximum ways to perform in the races. It has spiked tires. So, the endurance in the sport is controlled convincingly. Moreover, its gear release makes the rider to generate further based on the paddle perform. As a result, the bike is very much demandable for racings. It is hardly seen in our everyday life on the roads.

Tandem Bike:

Tandem bikes are the particular kind of bikes that carries two riders on it. It has the facility two to attach to cycle seat, one at the front and the other at the back. The two riders usually generate the whole ride. Although, the front passenger does the maximum coverage whereas the back rider adds a boost on the journey. It is generally longer than the usual cycles. The tires are specially modified for bearing the weight of the extra person.

Pork Bike:

The pork bikes are usually the bikes generated for many adventurous rides. Its suspensions are the best. Can be a ride on the roads as well as zig-zag tracks. They are usually small in size. Mostly the riders do stunt shows with this bike. The bike is very much used in cities that have less traffics. Its breaks are comparatively less workable than the usual bikes.

Kid’s bike:

The kids’ bike is usually the bikes the kids use for riding, learning and enjoying a cycle. It has a pair of common tyres on it and a pair of small wheels on two sides of the back tire to provide stability. The kid’s might fell from the bike, so the balance is very much needed. Moreover, it can be designed very nicely with various sticker and pictures to attract the interest of the kids. Usually, the kids up to 10 years are recommended to use these bikes depending on the height and weight of the kid. It is mostly riding on parks, lawns and free spaces by the kids.


These are some of the bikes that are used by different people of different professions, age and choices. All the features might not be suitable for all the people. So, the rider has to be confirmed of its ability to ride the bikes. All of them are suitable for various purpose. So the bikes have different characteristics depending on their usage.

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