6 Sports Channels Worth Watching On Cable TV

Even though streaming services may be gaining quite some traction over the past few years, there’s still one area in which they fall far behind cable TV, sports channels. If you are a sports fan and like to watch any sort of games, you’ll have to subscribe to a cable TV connection, particularly if you like live sports and tournaments. However, not all cable TV connections are built the same. Multiple companies offer different packages, with a varied set of sports channels offered at different tiers. 

This means that if you want to catch up to a number of different sports, you need to do your research thoroughly and see what your local providers are offering. Often, you can get attractive packages, such as top-tier cable TV with reasonable Spectrum internet prices in the mix. Therefore, you should think about which sports you follow, which providers offer the relevant channels, and whether they are offering appealing cable packages. There are hundreds of sports channels out there, but a few of them stand out due to their widespread coverage, their camera quality, and the way they cover each match. Some of them, offered by most major providers, are given below.     


This is one of the best sports networks around. It covers a wide range of sports, with everything from basketball to even esports. It has been the pioneer of covering all kinds of sports and bringing them to a wider audience. 

Furthermore, apart from covering sports, ESPN also hosts tournaments for numerous games, making it one of the premier sports channels out there. It is also worth looking into its HD or 4K options if you have the right television set. Even though ESPN’s basic quality is excellent, HD and 4K coverage takes sports viewing to the next level.  

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is another channel that covers a wide range of sports, from soccer to NASCAR, and many more. It is one of the top sports channels in the USA, and is widely watched nationwide. It also has a number of shows which discuss various sports, with expert panels sitting down to discuss matches and events. 

The best part about this channel is the sheer number of sports it covers, so that you don’t have to pay extra for more premium channels for each sport you watch. 

Bein Sports

Bein Sports is based in Qatar, and has one of the most widespread coverage when it comes to the sheer number of sports it shows. From Formula One races to FIFA and La Liga tournaments, it has it all. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t just have one channel, it has a whole suite of sports channels, so that you can simultaneously watch a number of your favorite games without having to skip one sport. 

NFL Network

If you’re a red-blooded American football fan and follow the Super Bowl, you need to sign up for a cable connection which offers NFL Network. This network covers all the football matches throughout the season for you to follow enthusiastically.

Furthermore, as it is the NFL’s own network, there are a lot of panel discussions you’ll love to hear with the top experts of the game. It’s like having a season pass without having to leave your home or pay hundreds of dollars!

Sky Sports

This UK-based suite of channels is well-known for its wide coverage with excellent camera quality. Even its standard channels have extremely crisp picture quality and excellent sound. It covers everything from football to soccer and cricket, along with a host of other sports. It also covers the top tennis tournaments out there, with excellent camera coverage and good post-match discussions. 

Furthermore, it has a number of interesting shows which cover everything from panel discussions to past highlights to important contributors to various sports. It is one of the best channels to have if you like to follow niche sports like Formula One tournaments as well.  

Next Level Sports

This is one of those sports channels which includes niche sports not in the mainstream as well. From things like flag football to combat sports and esports, it is one of the best options for the younger generation to get involved in sports. It even covers water polo and cornhole, making it a really interesting watch if you want a break from the high-stakes games of mainstream sports. 

In conclusion, if you’re an avid sports fan, a cable TV connection is the right option for you. It gives you some of the best channels such as the ones given above, and lets you watch your favorite games live without any connection or streaming hassles.

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