5 Tips for NRL Rugby League Betting

The National Rugby League or NRL is the world’s premier rugby league game and one of Australia’s most popular sports. With sixteen clubs from Australia and New Zealand showcasing their talents along with the three-match series between rivalries New South Wales and Queensland, NRL is an edge of the seat thriller enjoyed by global audiences. 

The NRL’s popularity extends to the betting market with huge volumes of bets wagered by serious punters and casual fans alike. Major betting platforms like Sportsbet NRL enable fans to place bets for their favourite teams responsibly. After all, the excitement doubles when you make calculative bids and win great rewards than just being a silent spectator. 

Once they taste the excitement of winning, astute punters and novice bidders alike recognize the importance of following specific generic betting tips even if the angles don’t look appealing from a visual perspective. 

Here are non-team specific betting tips and trends to follow for NRL Rugby betting before you put your money down. But before going over the tips, let’s go over what you need to place bets:

What You Need to Bet

  • 100 unit betting bank
  • Access to betting accounts such as Sportsbet NRL to ensure you are getting advantage of the best odds at the best prices
  • A simple understanding of the basics of value betting and bankroll management
  • Can-do attitude and a desire to win

The Earlier, the Better

NRL odds tend to fluctuate throughout the season, so in general, you will most likely get a favourable deal the earlier you bet. The prices of these wagers are set according to the bookmakers’ perspective and what they believe public opinion to be. Before the odds are set, they consider historical trends, weather, the players’ form, and more.

Start with Over/Under Score Bets

These bets involve predicting whether the total final score of a match will be over or under what the bookmaker predicts. As a beginner, it’s relatively easy to get a head-start with these punts as it can be easy to judge with the historical trends.

Consider the Weather

Weather plays a pivotal role in any match, especially wet conditions. Consider the forecast to make a reliable assessment of the odds and make the best decision to place your bets accordingly. 

Watch out for Close Games

Examining close games within the season can indicate how a team is likely to improve or slide down the ladder. Those having a good record in close games can tend to regress as they have more likely had a run of good luck, and those with a poor record in close games tend to improve their stature. So, keep an eye on close game records to determine valuable bets.

Handicap Bets

Handicapping teams make the contest a level playing field so that both sides have roughly the same odds. It is a point spread for the match and gives a better incentive to place bets on the most favourable team. For this reason, it can yield a better payout than placing bids on the money line or betting on a team outright.

The above tips are only a starting point of some trends for punters out there. Start discovering the delights for yourself and come up with your trendsetters by betting at one of the top-rated sports betting sites such as Sportsbet NRL.

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