Have you ever stopped and thought about all the essential items you drop in your golf bag. Don’t get caught in the midst of a golf match while finding some of the most important things for the day. If it’s a whole day programme like a tournament or special training session, you must have some essential articles in the bag.

Most important 5 Non-golf items you should always carry to the ground

Non-golf doesn’t mean the items are not related to golf. It means items that are needed for a comfortable and successful day on the ground. Here are 5 non-golf items that are required for all classes of golfers on the field: 

Clean and soft towel 

Give priority to cleanliness. A towel is an important item that should be added to the golf bag. It’s important to keep your hands dry and it’ll also help to wipe off the perspiration of a gentleman. Some golfers prefer leaving their towel in the golf bag for the entire season but that is truly gross.

Bug spray

Mosquitoes are quite common in the field. Most importantly, you never know where they are following you! So adding a bug spray to the list is a choice of a smart person. A bug problem is certainly annoying and it may also cause to distract your attention from the pole. 

Business cards

Well, it may sound weird, but involving business talks on the golf course helps to come up with valuable insights. Business meetings and plans work well when your mind is super-powered. When you have the whole set in your mind, it works as a business goal and flares up the positivity within. 


An umbrella is always handy for all types of situations. Make sure that it fits nicely inside the golf bag. A sudden lash of rain can spoil all the game but not your mood. Equipped with an umbrella, a golf player always appreciates carrying an umbrella whether it comes to rain or bearing the scorching heat. 

Golf tee

An extra pair of golf tee is never going to harm your reputation. After a round of golf, you may want to come out of that sweaty tee and publish a new look. Extra golf tshirts make you more fashionable and comfortable after a complete drained-out game. It’s always good to keep an extra tee in your golf bag especially if there’s rain on the forecast or heading to a tournament. T-shirts paired with trousers ensure complete peace of mind and help you to focus on the game.

These are more than important items that must be added to your list when plumping up your golf bag. You may also want to add some other things along with these, but the above-mentioned items have special importance. It’s good to head to the golf course with a properly equipped golf bag so that you don’t have to bear the brunt of a sudden necessity.

Remember, smart planning makes you a smart golfer!


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