5 Athleisure Wear Trends You Need To Follow

Over the years, we’ve seen some dramatic changes in how we perceive staying fit and exercising. Earlier, exercise would often be associated with losing weight or gaining muscle and building stamina. For most of us, however, a light jog, sport, or dancing was enough to break a sweat. However, today fitness is a lifestyle, and your wellness aspirations can easily encompass many aspects of your life. It has led to the rapid increase in the popularity of athleisure wear. Now, you can’t just hit the gym in a raggedy old t-shirt and pair of bottoms. The gym has become a place to meet like-minded people, socialize, and feel good about yourself. And you can’t do so unless you look your best.

Athleisure is comfortable, versatile, stylish, and the perfect thing to wear if you’re getting ready to burn some calories. It’s become a significant niche in the world of fashion, and some of the most creative, flattering trends in retail fashion are, in fact, athleisure-inspired. If you’re looking to upgrade your gym wardrobe with a few new pieces, do take a look at these athleisure wear trends listed below for some inspiration. 

Tennis fashion 

Undeniably some of the hottest and cutest athleisure trends this season are in tennis fashion. If you’re into a preppy, cute look, you’ll love this trend and the variety of options it gives. The styles are something you can carry into the winter months, too, since they pair equally well with warm sweatshirts and hoodies. You can also add enhancements to tennis athleisure wear if you’re into the retro, varsity look. Whether you’re opting for a tennis-inspired one-piece or jacket, adding fun logos can help you create a statement look. You can buy custom chenille letterman patches online and stitch them onto your clothes to instantly upgrade your tennis-inspired look. These look sleek on jackets and pockets, but you can play around with how you position them.

Neon shades 

Athleisure can help you stand out in a crowd with a unique sense of style. But you can’t do so if you’re still wearing drab, dull colors like grey or brown. So choose neon shades instead because they’re en vogue. Of course, you can incorporate neutral shades into your palette, but let the fluorescent hues do the magic. You can opt for hot pinks, sunset oranges, or our personal favorite – vibrant yellow. If you missed it, Illuminating Yellow paired with Ultimate Gray were Pantone’s two colors of the year 2021 and are still trending this fall. 

If you’re looking for a bolder look, you can opt for a monotone outfit in yellow. To tone it down, you can pair it with some pastel shades and create a fresh look. If you’re ever dreading a day in the gym, slipping into vibrant attire can have you feeling energized and ready to smash your workout for the day. So, dare to be brave and go for shades that can elevate your look. 

Statement shoes 

Whether you pick a skirt, bike shorts, a sports-look-inspired dress, or traditional leggings, shoes will always be an integral part of your athleisure outfit. No matter what physical activity you prefer, you need to have the right pair of kicks on to make the most of it. Without the right shoes, you can experience more stress throughout your body and injure yourself. On the other hand, well-designed shoes can protect your body from impact regardless of whether you’re running, jumping, skipping rope, or doing some HIIT workouts. Also, picking the right shoes can improve your performance. 

However, when picking shoes, it isn’t just the functional aspect you need to consider. If you want to be trendy, you need to pick comfortable and high-quality shoes that look stylish. Whether you want something along the lines of tennis shoes or platform sneakers, you can find styles that suit your taste. Although some of these footwear options can be a heftier investment, they will be worth it since they’ll last longer. 

Bike shorts 

The thing about modern-day athleisure wear is you can even wear it outside of the gym. Some of the most popular fashion trends these days derive inspiration from athletic wear. These clothes are super comfortable and practical to wear whether you’re heading out to grab groceries or meeting friends at the pub. So while trying to mix up your wardrobe, we recommend grabbing a pair of humble yet super chic bike shorts.

Bike shorts aren’t just an excellent choice for when you hit the gym. Of course, they’re super comfortable and flexible and provide freedom for full-range motion. However, they’re also perfect to style in various ways. If you want to go out dressed in a casual look, you can pair them with a baggy sweatshirt or warm upper. If you want to experiment with some extra creativity, you can try pairing them with more dressy tops and jackets. If you’re fashion-forward, you’ll recall seeing various models sport this trend and pair bike shorts with blazers, dresses, and more. Overall, bike shorts are the perfect pick if you want a slimming, flattering option for a night out or day at the gym. 

Revamped bras

For years, we’ve been used to seeing T-back bras in athleisure. Nowadays, however, these bras are getting a significant changeover, and you can expect to see some incredibly chic, trendy designs. Cutouts, multiple straps, mock necks, and stunning, eye-catching colors are all the rage. You can easily find a design that looks good on you. 

Also, these bras compromise on nothing when providing support to breasts. They can keep you safe whether you’re engaging in higher intensity workouts, swimming, or engaging in any other sport. If you’ve ever felt restricted to working out in a shirt because your sports bra wasn’t pretty enough, this is the trend you’ve been waiting for. 


Athleisure wear may not seem fashionable. But people’s habits and lifestyles are rapidly changing, making it a popular go-to choice for in and out of the gym. This article mentions a few trends you should consider when investing in good pieces to add to your wardrobe. We also suggest reading customer reviews before purchasing to ensure you buy something fashionable and durable.

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