2020 NFL Expert Picks: Teams to Watch Out For on Week 11 Games

This NFL’s upcoming Week 11 games is another way for professional football players to show their tip-top performance. For football fans, it is another exciting week to watch. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, stadiums will limit their seat capacity, and some are not allowed to accommodate fans due to the imposed safety protocols.

Despite the games’ situations, the excitement is still alive for fans with undying support for football, especially those who put their bets for an added fun. Bettors are flocking up to their favorite online bookies, such as on FanDuel, to bet on their favorite picks. Others thoroughly check there for tips and updates of the currents odds points of their picks.

Hence, to prepare for the Week 11 games, here are the teams you should watch out for.

Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Pittsburgh Steelers are still sitting in 2nd place in the NFL rankings. With a recent win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the game ended with a 36-10 score. Their consistent victories were because of their formidable defense combined with touchdowns scores. The quarterback player, Ben Roethlisberger, ignited the team to have these great defenses despite his practice deficit due to quarantine. 

With a strong record of 9 wins and no loss so far, the Steelers won’t fall behind quickly, even if they might lose their game to the Jacksonville Jaguars on November 22. But it seems obvious that this team has a huge chance of winning, even getting favorable odds on various betting sites.

New Orleans Saints 

The New Orleans Saints have seven wins and two losses on their record, gaining a third place on the rank. Their running back player, Alvin Kamara, still has the spotlight through his several touchdowns plays, which made him relied upon to carry the game.

The Saints were concerned when their quarterback, Drew Brees, had a cracked rib and a collapsed lung injury while facing the San Francisco 49ers last Monday. There’s a possibility that Brees might be sent to the Injury Reserve slot, and Jamie Winston will replace him temporarily. 

The oddsmakers siding on the Saints’ abilities gave 4.5 point favorites to these teams. Many bettors find them a good pick despite the doubts of lacking a reliable quarterback player.

Green Bay Packers 

With Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams’ synergy in their fake passes, the Green Bay Packers will eventually rise. After their synergy’s performance was proved against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday, the team might need to work more in their passing attacks and uneven plays, which can give them advantages in their later games. 

The team remains on the 5th rank in the  NFL leaderboard, with seven wins and two losses, and will face Indianapolis Colts this coming Sunday. Even if this team was considered one of the underdogs, their MVP-candidate Rodgers could threaten their next opponent. The team got positive odds points by most wagers.

Indianapolis Colts 

The Indianapolis Colts running back player Nyheim Hines’ promising performance made them win against Tennessee Titans in Week 10. The colt’s victory rose from 14th to 12th in the rankings, with a record of 6 wins and three losses.

But Marlon Mack’s issues with injuries and the rookie struggles of Jonathan Taylor can bring vulnerabilities in their offense. With their current situation, most bookies gave 2.5 odds point favorites to Colts.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rose from 7th to 4th rank in the leaderboard after winning against the Carolina Panthers last Monday. Despite some of their players’ misplays, running back player Ronald Jones’ 98-yard touchdown helped them recover their score in the 3rd quarter. The game tallied to 46-23, which added to their record of 7 wins and three losses. 

The team will face the Los Angeles Rams this upcoming Monday, with these underdogs planning to tackle Ram’s various offenses. The Bucs got 3.5 points on handicap betting in bookies as favored on the spread.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs remain dominant in NFL rankings, with eight wins and one loss. However, the team is sometimes struggling with inconsistencies in their plays. But their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is consistent in his exceptional performance even in the most crucial moments of the game. The Chiefs won against the Carolina Panthers with a close gap of  33-31. 

The Las Vegas Raiders will be their next opponent on November 22. Their upcoming match will be much like revenge for Chiefs as Raiders defeated them with the final score of 40-32 on Week 5 last October 12. The odds points for Chiefs on the spread is -7.       


The offense and defense plays will surely be restless on the field this Week 11. Every team and player aims to be the best in the field to ensure their victory and conquer their opponent. Their odds of winning might be certain or a lucky-shot, same with bets. But with bookies experts’ predictions and analysis based on the team’s status and disadvantages, the bettors can have bigger chances of winning.

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