WrestleMania 32 may be the Biggest WrestleMania Ever at AT&T Stadium

WrestleMania 32: Next Year may see the Biggest WrestleMania WWE event in 2016 which could become the Biggest WrestleMania ever in the history of WWE. In 2016, WrestleMania is happening at AT&T Stadium, Arlington on 3rd April. This is the biggest Pro Wrestling event after Royal Rumble in the world. AT&T Stadium has the capacity to a held biggest event in the history of WWE. This stadium can handle up to 1,00,000 Audience. Last time this stadium handled 1,08,300 people in 2010 NBA All-Star game.

The biggest WrestleMania attendance is up to 93,173 which was in 3rd WrestleMania at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan in March. This event also holds the record of the highest audience in a live event in North America. This record was broken by 2010 NBA game described above.


WrestleMania is a week-long event with a series of short events from Championship matches to Hall of Fame. WWE has always introduced something new in WrestleMania. But we have to see the Power Couple in WWE Right now – Triple H and Stepney McMohan what they do this time.

WWE has some bigger plan in terms of making money to spreading their business worldwide where people love to watch WWE. This time, WWE has decided to go to India in January just before the Royal Rumble 2016. WWE in India to take place on 15th & 16th Jan 2016. Tickets have been sold and there is a great response in welcoming WWE in India.

WWE has increased the Stadium size for such big event like WrestleMania in past 10 years from Madison Square Garden to AT&T Stadium. In 2006, WrestleMania has the attendance of 17,000 due to less capacity Stadium at Allstate Arena in Rosemont. But after that, they never have attendance less than 70,000 in any year and this they have targeted of 1,00,000.

After that WrestleMania, Royal Rumble is costliest event to see live with their secondary tickets is of $469 and to get tickets in $218. Last year in 2015 April, WrestleMania ticket priced at the secondary market in average is $344.41 while the get-in price is $93. That price would place it just behind WrestleMania 29, which had an average price of $396.77 and a get-in price of $104, for the most expensive WrestleMania over the past five years on the secondary market

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