Premier League Prize Money Table 2015/2016 [Finalised]

The Premier League distributed £1.6 billion among the all 20 Clubs of Top Flight of English Football for season 2014-15 as part of Prize Money. The Premier League Champions Chelsea pocket nearly £99 million for the season 2014-15, which is record money received by any team during a single campaign. While the Queens Park Rangers who finished bottom of the table were handed £64.8 million.


How Premier League Prize Money is Awarded:

  • Each Premier Club gets the equal share of TV Rights revenue which includes both domestic and overseas television deals.
  • All twenty teams are awarded an equal share of centralized sponsors.
  • Extra money is distributed to all teams based on the League position and number of games shown live on TV in the United Kingdom.

Premier League Prize Money 2014-15 Breakdown:

Here is the complete breakdown of prize money distributed among the 20 Clubs of Premier League:

TV Rights Share: Each Premier side awarded equal share as part of television rights;  £54.1 million in total, £21.96 million from domestic TV rights and £27.57 million from overseas TV rights+ £4.39 million from centralized sponsors.

Prize Money on the basis of League Position: £1,236,083 for the team which finished bottom of the table and will be added to each raising position. Champions Chelsea pocket £24.7.

Additional Money: It depends on a number of times team match shown live on TV in the United Kingdom if the team have 10 live matches £8.75 million are being paid, Manchester United 27 matches are shown live more than another Club in Premier League and being awarded £21.47 million in total.

Premier League Prize distribution among 20 Clubs:

The total Prize money £1.6 billion a year is divided into three parts;

  • One part active deal of season of from total three seasons.
  • Total money from domestic TV rights £5.19 billion from 2013 to 2016.
  • Total money from overseas TV rights £2 billion from 2013 to 2016.

Premier League Prize Money 2015-

Position Club EQUAL SHARE Prize Money on the basis of League Position Additional Money TOTAL
1 Chelsea  £54.1m £24.7m £19.98m £98.99m
2 Man City  £54.1m £23.5m £20.72m £98.5m
3 Arsenal  £54.1m £22.2m £19.98m £96.5m
4 Manchester United  £54.1m £22.2m £21.47m £96.75m
5 Tottenham  £54.1m £19.8m £14.75m £88.7m
6 Liverpool  £54.1m £18.5m £19.98m £92.7m
7 Southampton  £54.1m £17.3m £11m £82.5m
8 Swansea City  £54.1m £16.1m £10.2m £80.5m
9 Stoke City  £54.1m £14.8m £8.75m £82.5m
10 Crystal Palace  £54.1m £13.6m £9.5m £77.35m
11 Everton  £54.1m £12.4m £14m £77.65m
12 West Ham  £54.1m £11.1m £11m £76.33m
13 West Brom  £54.1m £9.9m £8.75m £72.8m
14 Leicester City  £54.1m £8.7m £8.75m £72.8m
15 Newcastle United  £54.1m £7.4m £16.2m £77.8m
16 Sunderland  £54.1m £6.2m £9.52m £69.8m
17 Aston Villa  £54.1m £4.9m £9.52m £68.6m
18 Hull City  £54.1m £3.7m £8.75m £66.6m
19 Burnley  £54.1m £2.5m £8.75m £65.3m
20 QPR £54.1m £1.236m £9.52m £64.8m

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