LeBron James Rejoined Cleveland Cavaliers with a Two-Year Contract

LeBron James accepted a two-year contract with his earlier as well as first team Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday. According to the ESPN sources, LeBron James rejoined Cleveland Cavaliers with a deal worth $47 million. In his contract $23 million for the first year and 24 million for the second year on player’s option.

This deal again reveals the future plan of James to keep the flexibility of year to year, just to take the advantage of constantly increasing salary cap every year.

He has already cleared his decision of joining Cavs, but he made it official on the first day of NBA contract signings. As per the deal, he allowed himself to be open for next year to take another salary cap jump.

30 year small forward James joined NBA with Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 and scored record 25 points in his debut game against Sacramento Kings. He played his first 7 seasons with Cavs before becoming a first unrestricted free agent in July 2010.

In July 2010 he signed a contract with Miami Heat and led his new side to the two consecutive NBA Championships in 2011-12 and 2012-13. He won 4 awards of Most Valuable Player of NBA and two MVP award for NBA Finals.

Two times Olympic gold medal champion James again become a free agent in June 2014 after revoking his contract with Heat. This time he signed a contract with his first team Cleveland Cavaliers again with a deal of two years worth $42.1 million with an extra option of becoming a free agent in 2015, which he did this time also. read more

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