Adjustable dumbbells vs Regular dumbbells: Everything you need to know

If you’re setting up a home gym then I’m sure dumbbells top the list of the equipment needed. With dumbbells you can perform tons of isolated or even low weight moves perfect for both weight loss as well as bodybuilding goals but which dumbbells to choose, adjustable dumbbells or the regular? We decided to compare the two to make your choice simpler.


While a single set of regular dumbbells is cheaper than adjustable dumbbells if you’re looking to take your workout up a notch and need differently weighted dumbbells an adjustable dumbbell is cost effective as a single pair can get the job done in quick time whereas with regular dumbbells you’ll need 5-6 different sets.

Note, with adjustable dumbbells you’ll always have to buy a pair as these are only sold in pairs unless it’s still in warranty. On the other hand, regular dumbbells are sold individually as well.


Regular dumbbells are built out of chrome, cast iron, steel or at times even rubber which ensures high durability. Adjustable dumbbells are also made using similar materials but have plastic parts to make switching weights easy that reduce durability.

However, the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell stands out as it is made using welded steel and while it’s more convenient than regular dumbbells when compared to other adjustable dumbbells, switching weights is slightly slower.


As you exercise your muscles start to grow and your lifting capacity increases thus the old dumbbell set becomes useless. You’ll now need a heavier set and then soon need an upgrade again thus you’re likely going to end up with 5-10 pair of dumbbells. Bowflex is known to make some of the best adjustable dumbells just because of this feature.

With an adjustable dumbbell, one set is all you’ll need. You can adjust the weight within seconds using the dial, pin or even the clamp system depending on the make and model, thus making adjustable dumbbells a versatile pick.


Like I mentioned above, with regular dumbbells you’ll need quite a few sets for each workout which makes storing these dumbbells tougher especially if you’ve got a home gym with a smaller space whereas with adjustable dumbbells storage is the simplest.

With most of these dumbbells, you’ll also get a rack which provides a tidy and convenient way of storing the dumbbells once you’re done with the day’s workout. Also, the dumbbells and racks have a compact design and don’t take up too much room.


If you’re more into high-tempo workouts or drop set workouts then you’d need the weights to be switched quickly. With regular dumbbells, that’s only possible with a spotter but with adjustable dumbbells, you can do it with the turn of the dial.

These dumbbells also provide a better grip that is nonslippery and also has enough padding to prevent blisters, unlike the regular dumbbells. Also, check the benefits of using power blocks.

But if you’re a beginner and don’t need to switch weights often than regular dumbbells offer a cost-effective and durable alternative.

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