Outdoor Fitness Activities

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you trying to find even more things to do so you can get outdoors and also delight in the fresh air and sunshine? If so, there are plenty of outside fitness tasks that you can do.

The very first outdoor fitness activity is to take in a game of tennis. If your neighborhood park or college has a tennis court, test a buddy, family member or neighbor to a few video games of tennis on a Saturday morning. After that, treat on your own to a cup of coffee at the regional restaurant nearby if you so choose.

While you are driving in your automobile, take a ride as soon as around your block as well as a number out exactly how lots of miles you are going when you are using your bicycle. If your objective is to obtain up to 2 miles per day on your bike, then you will certainly know if you have completed this or not.

Ride your bike as much as the grocery store or post workplace when you have to obtain groceries or the mail. Skip driving and go out and relocate! You could even want to purchase a little basket to securely carry things with you.

Outdoor Fitness Activities 1

Take your bike bent on a path and also trip in the landscapes. You will certainly get a wonderful workout on the filth path fluctuating hillsides. You will truly work your legs.

Challenge your youngsters to a video game of basketball. If you have a basketball hoop right in your yard it will be quite easy for you to pointer outdoors as well as begin playing. If you do not have a basketball hoop you can take a bike ride approximately your regional park or school and play a game or 2 there. If you have younger children you can play a game of horse for enjoyable.

You and your family can dispute each other to a wonderful game of baseball. Have a good time running the bases and applauding each other on. This is a great time to show your youngsters regarding gamesmanship.

You can truly obtain moving if the wind is blowing and also it carries your Frisbee. Have fun playing Frisbee with your dog or pets, also.

Play a little catch with your football. You can play a video game of flag football or deal with football. Simply do not get injured if you play deal with football or you will really reduce your working out for a few days or weeks depending on just how terribly you damaged yourself.

Outdoor Fitness Activities 2

You might merely kick a sphere around with your children to get exercise. Play keep away and also take turns. You will certainly have fun to spend time with your children and they will like the additional focus.

5 Outdoor Fitness Tips on Strolling to Slimness

Feeling like that you need to shed a couple of extra pounds, as well as you never intend to discover them once again?

You do not such as an exercise regime of press ups and stomach problems. Well, think about a physical fitness workout routine of strolling. In the past, it was man kinds only form of transport. So take a peek at 5 tips on how you can walk, and also exactly what physical perks you’ll obtain with a workout fitness plan.

Outdoor Fitness Tips on Strolling to Slimness

You’ll have to prepare to train your mind to stick with a new fitness as well as an exercise program.

If you’re looking to slim down then you’ll need a great surface area to take a trip on. You’ll also have to have some reputable footwears, and also a sensible range of strolling location.

By handling a workout program for fitness, the pounds will certainly dissolve. Keep in mind though individuals lose weight in various amounts, and at various places on their physical body. Look into these ideas on how you can walk for your exercise physical fitness routine.

1. Melt calories by slow strolling. Strolling slow-moving for a workout health and fitness plan triggers your body to drag because of gravitation. The dragging effect helps you drop weight.

2. After you lose, the wanted weight that you want you could sustain it, or grad to a quick high strength stroll. You’ll start to see the influences of whatever physical fitness through workout could do.

3. By making yourself take part in a workout physical fitness course daily, and also drinking great deals of water your kidneys will flush out any kind of germs. The heart will certainly pump at a much more efficient rate.

4. Blood circulation to the reduced leg extremities as well as feet with an exercise strategy for fitness will boost. Whether you do a slow-moving calorie shed stroll or one that has a fast upbeat stroll.

5. Complexion will profit with fat burning with your physical fitness exercise training course of attack for a healthy way of living.

Learning to stick with a routine is most likely the hardest component. It takes a bunch of commitment to finding out a new way of living fitness.

Exercise has a bunch of perks and with persistence and also a go get them attitude – you’ll lose those pounds and never locate them once more. And also won’t that be nice.

The very best Outdoor Exercise For Superior Fitness!

As a personal toughness and health and fitness expert that lives in Buford, Georgia I could certainly relate to outside training below, particularly in the summer season months. Check out on if you want to learn regarding the finest exterior workout!

Kettlebell Training Outdoors For Superior Physical fitness!

An ancient kettlebell is a remarkable tool as well as the downright best hand held gym money can purchase. You see one of the ideal workouts for outdoor health and fitness involves you having to discover some of the even more toughness endurance associated lifts of the kettlebell. All of these lifts are very important in helping you to construct an exceptional degree of both muscular stamina as well as cardio conditioning.

Once you have learned one of the most fundamental toughness endurance lift with the kettlebell called the swing you can then progress to even more tough lifts such as the fools and also snatches. These lifts are quite vibrant and extremely putting in. Despite having much technique they could still call for a secure drop from you periodically until your strategy is sound and strong.

Outside fitness is not just excellent for safety and security when carrying out the usage of the kettlebell, however, it sure beats the uniformity of training indoors all of the time. Even if you don’t have a park or field readily available near you for making use of your kettlebell raises you can still merely utilize your own garden. This is exactly what exterior cardio, as well as stamina training, is about my close friend.

If you haven’t currently begun to apply making use of the ancient kettlebell and also many of its dynamic lifts after that you are missing out. Try for more information by accessing even more of my posts on the subject totally free. Keep in mind that most anybody can train hard, yet only the most effective outdoorsman trains smart! Offer it a shot.

Adjustable dumbbells vs Regular dumbbells: Everything you need to know

If you’re setting up a home gym then I’m sure dumbbells top the list of the equipment needed. With dumbbells you can perform tons of isolated or even low weight moves perfect for both weight loss as well as bodybuilding goals but which dumbbells to choose, adjustable dumbbells or the regular? We decided to compare the two to make your choice simpler.


While a single set of regular dumbbells is cheaper than adjustable dumbbells if you’re looking to take your workout up a notch and need differently weighted dumbbells an adjustable dumbbell is cost effective as a single pair can get the job done in quick time whereas with regular dumbbells you’ll need 5-6 different sets.

Note, with adjustable dumbbells you’ll always have to buy a pair as these are only sold in pairs unless it’s still in warranty. On the other hand, regular dumbbells are sold individually as well.


Regular dumbbells are built out of chrome, cast iron, steel or at times even rubber which ensures high durability. Adjustable dumbbells are also made using similar materials but have plastic parts to make switching weights easy that reduce durability.

However, the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell stands out as it is made using welded steel and while it’s more convenient than regular dumbbells when compared to other adjustable dumbbells, switching weights is slightly slower.


As you exercise your muscles start to grow and your lifting capacity increases thus the old dumbbell set becomes useless. You’ll now need a heavier set and then soon need an upgrade again thus you’re likely going to end up with 5-10 pair of dumbbells. Bowflex is known to make some of the best adjustable dumbells just because of this feature.

With an adjustable dumbbell, one set is all you’ll need. You can adjust the weight within seconds using the dial, pin or even the clamp system depending on the make and model, thus making adjustable dumbbells a versatile pick.


Like I mentioned above, with regular dumbbells you’ll need quite a few sets for each workout which makes storing these dumbbells tougher especially if you’ve got a home gym with a smaller space whereas with adjustable dumbbells storage is the simplest.

With most of these dumbbells, you’ll also get a rack which provides a tidy and convenient way of storing the dumbbells once you’re done with the day’s workout. Also, the dumbbells and racks have a compact design and don’t take up too much room.


If you’re more into high-tempo workouts or drop set workouts then you’d need the weights to be switched quickly. With regular dumbbells, that’s only possible with a spotter but with adjustable dumbbells, you can do it with the turn of the dial.

These dumbbells also provide a better grip that is nonslippery and also has enough padding to prevent blisters, unlike the regular dumbbells. Also, check the benefits of using power blocks.

But if you’re a beginner and don’t need to switch weights often than regular dumbbells offer a cost-effective and durable alternative.

Cristiano Ronaldo Endorsement Contracts & Earnings

Cristiano Ronaldo Endorsement Contracts: He is the best-paid Football player in the World. According to the Forbes list of  World’s Highest-Paid Athletes, the Portuguese international has earned $80 million last year, which also makes him second richest Athlete in the World.

Cristiano Ronaldo Endorsement Contracts & Earnings

He is the popular choice for brands for their Endorsement, as Real Madrid star enjoys a huge fan following Worldwide. He has over 100 million likes on the Facebook and 30 million followers on the Twitter. He represents Nike, Emporio Armani, KFC, Coca-Cola and motor oil company Castrol.

Here are the complete details of the Cristiano Ronaldo Sponsorship deals: Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth:

  •  Total Net Worth:$300 Million
  • Net Worth 2015: $80 Million
  • Endorsements Contracts: $28 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo Endorsement Brands:

1. Nike:

Contract Value: £14.1 million a year
End Date: 2020

He is the leading Face of the World’s famous sports brand Nike. The Real Madrid star has big deals with Nike and make 6 million Euros a year. Previously he has earned $41.1 million by Endorsing Nike Which he signed in 2010.

He is set to sign a new deal with the Nike worth of $64 million for next five years as the current deal expires, which will be the most lucrative deal. Nike launched special edition Mercurial Superfly CR7 before the FIFA World 2014 Brazil.

2. Armani:

Value: £1 million
End Date: 2019

He replaced his former Manchester United David Beckham for the endorsement of the Armani. Ronaldo modeling for the Emporio Armani men’s underwear and Jeans.

3. KFC:

Value:  $2 million
End Date: 2016

He signed an Endorsement contract with KFC in 2013, which is worth of $2 million. The day advertisement came out, company sees a major increase in the sales. At the same Ronaldo KFC Endorsement raised eyebrows, as per area manager Middle East of Spanish sports management firm Media Base Digital (MBD), Max Roures; ”  The KFC endorsement is a weird deal because he’s promoting fast food.

4. Emirates:

Value: Fee unknown
End Date: 2019

While Lionel Messi endorses Turkish Airlines, Ronaldo appeared in the Emirates advertisement along with the legendary and one of the best player of all times, Pele.

5. Tag Heuer:

Value: Fee unknown
End Date: 2019

He joined the Tag Heuer in 2014, as long-term brand Ambassador of the Tag Heuer.

6. Coca-Cola:

Value:  £70m
End Date: 2019

Coca-Cola Endorsement deal is one of the most lucrative deal, he has signed.

7. Castrol:

Value: £5.5m
End Date: 2015

The Real Madrid player became the brand Ambassador of Castrol in 2009 by signing a deal of £8.2m for two years. He extended his affiliation with Castrol as he renewed the contract with £5.5m.

8. Konami:

Value: £70 million
End Date: 2018

He joined Konami as brand Ambassador of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Top 10 highest sponsorship deals for players at the World Cup


1) Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal and Real Madrid) Nike – £14.1m
2) Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona) Adidas – £13.6m
3) Neymar Jr. (Brazil and Barcelona) Nike – £9.5m
4) Thomas Muller (Germany and Bayern Munich) Adidas – £3m
5) Mesut Ozil (Germany and Arsenal) Adidas – £3m
6) Wayne Rooney (England and Manchester Utd) Nike – £3m
7) Sergio Aguero (Argentina and Manchester City) Puma – £3m
8) Steven Gerrard (England and Liverpool) Adidas – £3m
9) Frank Lampard (England and Chelsea) Adidas – £3m
10) Luis Suarez (Uruguay and Liverpool) Adidas – £3m

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest earner in sponsorship money at the World Cup with Lionel Messi second
  • Ronaldo earns £14.1million-a-year with Nike, while Messi makes £13.6m with Adidas
  • Brazil’s Nike-sponsored Neymar Jr. is third with £9.5m
  • England’s Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, and Frank Lampard make top 10
  • Disgraced Uruguay striker Luis Suarez also features on the list

Richest Footballers in the World 2016 – All Time List

The football field is not the only place that many of our players battle it out for the top honor. Looking at the majority of the world’ richest football players of all time in Forbes list as well, who are still active international players, they have also set up a successful business and have many sponsors outside the field to make them compete off the field too. Here is a list of World’s 10 richest football players, their income, and their net value for the year 2015-2016.

10) Frank Lampard – 80 million Euros

At 10 we have former Chelsea player Frank Lampard, who in the past years have earned over €35m while playing for Chelsea and a year at Manchester City. He also has made few sound investments in properties and currently owns a townhouse in Chelsea valued at €13m, two apartments in Barcelona and Dockland whose value is currently unknown and recently also sold a mansion in Esher and earned a profit of €5m on the property.

Besides properties, Lampard also has a series of football books for children and has represented Nike and Adidas in the past.

09) Ronaldinho – 83 million Euros

While Brazil’s Ronaldinho is no longer on the European football circuit, the former Ballon d’Or winner is still earning huge amount of money outside of Europe.

After leaving Europe Ronaldinho, earned €2.7m annually while playing for Atletico Mineiro and then moved to Mexico. In Mexico, he has now signed a contract with Queretaro, which is heavily based on his performance.

But despite that huge clause in his contract, he could still earn an additional €2.5m per year. Besides these, he has earned over €20m in the last 10 years having signed a deal with Nike during his FC Barcelona days.

08) Raul – 85 million Euros

Raul is a new entry into this list. After regularly topping Real Madrid’s top earner’s list in his 16 years with the Real Madrid football team, Raul made a consistent salary of €7m per year.

Besides his regular salary, he also earned another €14m in his two years at Gazprom-backed Schalke. Then he added to that amount by earning another €10m when he spent two seasons at Qatari’s Al-Sadd and has now joined New York Cosmos for an undisclosed salary and will play and head up the youth academy of the football club.

Despite good on-field portfolio, he has also earned extensively in his business Scar Sports Europe and has also invested heavily in renewable energies. Besides football and business, he also owns 20 percent shares of a property company called Luri, and an energy company called Cadmus.

07) Samuel Eto’o – 87 million Euros

Chelsea player Samuel Eto’o earned a lucrative amount of money playing for Anzhi Makhachkala. Before that Eto’o had also won two back to back UEFA Champions League title while playing for FC Barcelona (2009) and Inter Milan (2010) where he earned €10m a year at FC Barcelona and a total of €12m at Inter Milan before moving to a €5m a year contract with Chelsea.

Besides these high salaries, Eto’o also signed lucrative deals with Puma and Ford. But despite all these Eto’o has poured a lot of income into launching the Samuel Eto’o Laikipia Unity Football Academy in Kenya and through the Academy is in its final stages of launch, the initiative will get him a lot more attention and income in coming years.

06) Kaka – 96 million Euros

Though the Brazilian was not given an opportunity to prove himself in 2014 World Cup, the 2007 Ballon d’Or winner has still played a lot of football across the world and has earned a lot of money over the years.

Kaka earned more than €35m over the course of four years he spent at Real Madrid. Though injury then forced him out of wages on his return to AC Milan, he since his return has earned a €2m deal for six months at Sao Paulo and now a €6.3m deal with Orlando City in the USA.

He is also a marketer’s dream and has signed many deals with Pepsi, Adidas, Samsung, Gillette and Armani and even owns many properties including in Manhattan, Natal, Madrid, and Milan.

05) Wayne Rooney – 103 million Euros

England’s new captain and Manchester United’s poster �?guy’ Wayne Rooney is the highest-ranked Premier League player and earns a lot from his salary from Old Trafford’s club Manchester United. Over the years, his salary with the club increased steadily and he was earning an annual income of €18.9m at the start of last season.

The fact that he has many interested buyers like Monaco and PSG only makes his value for the red devils go up and seems he will be in Manchester United for a long time to come. Despite a good on-field income, Rooney has boosts of €5.4m deals with Nike, Samsung, and Harper Collins and even owns a racehorse (two were retired in 2013).

On the property front, Rooney has a mansion in Prestbury which is worth over €6m but he has already spent double that amount on upgrading that mansion.

04) Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 105 million Euros

PSG player Zlatan Ibrahimovic has understood his value since the age of 19 when Malmo sporting director Hasse Borg sold him for €8.7m to Ajax. The Swede player has understood his value very well since then and is careful not to be too over-endorsed, yet he has signed deals with Nivea, Xbox, Volvo, and Dressman.

He even had a contract with Nike (#DaretoZlatan) till last year but he decided not to extend his contract more than its initial 2 years. On Property front, he has made a lot of investment and is believed to have a property empire which reportedly includes a 350-acre forest estate in Dävensö, a church in central Stockholm which recently got renovated into a townhouse and an investment in a 66-apartment block in Tribeca, Manhattan.

On the Business front, he has partnered with IT billionaire Dan Oloffson and launched Mikz, a celebrity marketing app and even released a book?I am Zlatan’ earning him around €8m.

03) Neymar Jr. -135 million Euros

Neymar became the face of World Cup- 2014 when his home team Brazil was hosting it and in conclusion earned €37m in endorsement in 2014 alone.

The youngster also has 12 fixed sponsors that included high brands such as Nike, Panasonic, Claro, foot odor-stopper Tenys-Pé, underwear brand Lupo, fizzy drink Guaraná Antarctica, Unilever, Volkswagen, Santander, Red Bull, Heliar (car batteries) and mobile app Palpiteros.

His family also earned €40m payout when Neymar joined Barcelona in 2013, and transfer also led to a huge tax fraud investigation which not only embarrassed the Neymar Family but FC Barcelona as we.

He currently has a €8.8m annual contract with FC Barcelona but thanks to his good performance and a bright future ahead, he is expected to sign a contract more than double his current salary with the end of his current contract which is on the horizon soon.

02) Lionel Messi – 200 million Euros

Argentinean player Lionel Messi has always been pitted against Portugal’s Ronaldo as being one of the best strikers there is currently and it seems that rivalry has even entered their financial rivalry.

Messi has the largest pre-tax contract that any player has ever signed in the world, and FC Barcelona player has also benefited from regular renewals of improved terms and contract under the succession of running Barcelona presidents.

His clean image also helps him get many endorsement deals like Adidas, EA Sports, Ooredoo, Samsung, Lay’s, Audemars Piguet, Gillette, Dolce & Gabbana, Head & Shoulders, Gatorade and Pan Bimbo and on property front his property empire is huge. ?Azahares del Parana’ is a huge complex and is expected to house seven-gated communities, beach, a sports complex and a huge golf course just outside his hometown.

Till recently he was also on the board of Limecu Espana, which is now worth €11.7m and is run by his brother Rodrigo.

01) Christiano Ronaldo – 210 Million Euros

Portuguese giant Christiano Ronaldo has always given Messi a run for his money and is continuing to do so, on the financial front as well.

The Best �?footballer’ of the year extended his Real Madrid contract back in September 2013 for a whopping €18.2m per year contract. He then went on to collect collected bonuses in 2014 for winning the Ballon d’Or and for helping Real Madrid win the Premier League and the Champions League that season and then also got them the Club World Cup.

On the sponsorship front, Ronaldo has deals worth €25m, the big names of sponsorships include Toyota, Herbalife, Emirates, Castrol, Samsung, Soccerade, Emporio Armani, Konami, Banco Espirito Santo and KFC.

But the deal that takes the cake is his deal with Nike and his own clothing line CR7 which gets him huge chunks in finances. He has also invested in Museu CR7, The Seven, a nightclub in the Algarve, Mobitto, a crowd-sourced mobile app and properties worth over €30m

Asia Cup 2016 Cricket Schedule, t20 Format, Venues Announced

Cricket Asia Cup 2016 Schedule, Time Table, Fixtures PDF: 2016 Asia Cup Cricket will be hosted in Bangladesh in t20 format. The full Match List is shared below. This is the first time when Asia Cup is played in t20 format. The tournament will be played from 24 Feb 2016 to 6 March 2016. This is the 13th Asia Cup Cricket and 5th time it will be hosted by Bangladesh. Teams who are playing in this T20 Competition are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Host.

Update: UAE won all the 3 matches played in qualifier round. They joined the regular 4 teams by beating Oman by 71 runs in final Qualifier. They finished 1st in the table and now they start the main draw against Sri Lanka on 25th Feb


Parthiv Patel is called as a backup for Indian Skipper MS Dhoni in Asia Cup. According to BCCI, while training Dhoni suffered a muscle strain in his back. Parthiv Patel played the last match against Australia in triangular ODI series in Feb 2012. Also, he had only played 2 T20 till date in 2011.

BCCI has announced the ASIA CUP 2016 India Squad with World T20 Squad. Mohammad Shami and Pawan Negi are included in the 15 member squad.

Along these 4 regular teams, there is 1 Associate member which will be found by playing a qualifier to be played from 19th to 22nd Feb 2016.  From Next year, Asia Cup Cricket will be played in the alternate format. ICC announced that it will be played in rotation basis of 50 over competition or in T20 format. Next Asia cup Cricket is played in 2018. First Asia cup is played in 1984 in UAE and India is the 1st Champion. Sri Lanka and India both have won 5 titles. Pakistan has won it 2 times in 2000 and 2012 both are hosted in Bangladesh.

Asia Cup 2016 Schedule:

Dates: 24 Feb 2016 to 6th March 2016
Host- Bangladesh
Teams: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UAE

No. Date Match Time
1 24 Feb 2016 India vs Bangladesh  19:00 IST
2 25 Feb Sri Lanka vs UAE 19:00 IST
3 26 Feb Bangladesh vs UAE 19:00 IST
4 27 Feb India vs Pakistan  19:00 IST
5 28 Feb Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka  19:00 IST
6 29 Feb Pakistan vs UAE 19:00 IST
7 1 March India vs Sri Lanka 19:00 IST
8 2 March Pakistan vs Bangaldesh 19:00 IST
9 3 March India vs UAE 19:00 IST
10 4 March Pakistan vs Sri Lanka  19:00 IST
11 5 March Asia Cup Final 19:00 IST

Asia Cup T20 Qualifier scheduled to be played February:

The 4 teams will take part in Qualifier round for Asia cup 2016 which will be held in Bangladesh. Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Oman, and UAE will battle for the 5th team to play in regular Asia cup t20 2016 from 24th Feb to 6 March. The Qualifiers will include a single round-robin format in which all teams play matches against each other and team who tops the out of 4 teams will join full member teams. If two teams have same points, then the net run rate is calculated.

Afghanistan, Hong Kong, and Oman have all qualified for 2016 World T20 in March in India.

This is the 3rd time when Bangladesh will host the Asia Cup continuously. World T20 2016 will also be started after the 5 days of Final of Asia cup 2016 on 6th March. The Asian body will, however, host the Asia Cup with editions scheduled for 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022.

Asia Cup will alternate between ODI and T20 formats:

Asia cup is switched to t20 format due to the t20 world cup 2016 just after 7 days of it. In 2018, it will again be played in 50 over format as in 2019 Cricket world cup to be played in England and revert to T20 format as in 2020 Australia will host the T20 World Cup.

Asia Cup T20 2016 – Schedule & Dates:

2016 Twenty20 Asia Cup Cricket will be hosted by Bangladesh for the 3rd time in a row from 24th February 2016 to 06 March 2016 but the venues and the match will be announced in January 2016.

Asia Cup 2016 Qualifiers Matches Schedule & Results:

# Date Match Time (IST) Results
1 19 Feb Qualifying Group, 1st Match – Afghanistan v United Arab Emirates 1:00 PM UAE won by 16 runs
2 19 Feb Qualifying Group, 2nd Match – Hong Kong v Oman 5:30 PM Oman won by 5 runs
3 20 Feb Qualifying Group, 3rd Match – Afghanistan v Oman 1:00 PM Afghanistan won by 3 wickets
4 21 Feb Qualifying Group, 4th Match – Hong Kong v UAE 5:30 PM UAE won by 6 wickets
5 22 Feb Qualifying Group, 5th Match – Afghanistan v Hong Kong 1:00 PM Afghanistan won by 66 runs
6 22 Feb Qualifying Group, 6th Match – Oman v UAE 5:30 PM UAE won by 71 runs

Asia Cup 2016 Full Squads:

India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c & wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra, Suresh Raina, Ajinkya Rahane, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammed Shami, Pawan Negi.

Pakistan: Shahid Afridi (captain), Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Sarfraz Ahmed (wicketkeeper), Immad Wasim, Anwer Ali, Babar Azam, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Aamir, Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Irfan, Rumman Raees, Wahab Riaz, Khurram Manzoor.

Bangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (C), Shakib Al Hasan, Imrul Kayes, Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahim (wicketkeeper), Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Arafat Sunny, Abu Hider, Nurul Hasan.

Sri Lanka: Lasith Malinga (capt), Angelo Mathews (vice-capt), Dinesh Chandimal, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Niroshan Dickwella, Shehan Jayasuriya, Milinda Siriwardana, Dasun Shanaka, Chamara Kapugedera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dushmantha Chameera, Thisara Perera, Sachithra Senanayake, Rangana Herath, Jeffrey Vandersay

Afghanistan: Asghar Stanikzai (C), Noor Ali Zadran, Mohammad Shahzad (wicketkeeper), Usman Ghani, Mohammad Nabi, Karim Sadiq, Shafiqullah, Rashid Khan, Amir Hamza, Dawlat Zadran, Shapoor Zadran, Gulbadin Naib, Samiullah Shenwari, Najibullah Zadran, Yamin Ahmadzai.

Hong Kong: Tanwir Afzal (C), Aizaz Khan, Anshy Rath, Babar Hayat, Christopher Carter (wicketkeeper), Mark Chapman, Haseeb Amjad, Adil Mehmood, Nadeem Ahmed, Nizakat Khan, Kinchit Shah, Ninad Shah, Tanveer Ahmed, Waqas Barkat, Waqas Khan.

Oman: Sultan Ahmed (c & wk), Aamir Kaleem (vice-captain), Aaqib Sulehri, Adnan Ilyas, Amir Ali, Munis Ansari, Bilal Khan, Jatinder Singh, Ajay Lalcheta, Mehran Khan, Rajeshkumar Ranpura, Sufyan Mehmood, Vaibhav Wategaonkar, Zeeshan Maqsood, Zeeshan Siddiqui.

United Arab Emirates: Amjad Javed (C), Mohammad Kaleem, Rohan Mustafa, Shaiman Anwar, Mohammad Shahzad, Swapnil Patil (vice-captain and wicketkeeper), Usman Mushtaq, Ahmed Raza, Zaheer Maqsood, Mohammad Naveed, Farhan Ahmed, Qadeer Ahmed, Mohammad Usman, Fahad Tariq, Saqlain Haider.

IPL 2016 Schedule, Time Table PDF Download

IPL 2016 Schedule, Time Table PDF Download: Mumbai will face Pune in the IPL 2016 opener while RCB kicks off against Sunrisers. Gujarat Lions will play their first match an away game to Kings XI Punjab on 11 April. The world’s biggest Domestic T20 competition will start on April 3 just after the completion of T20 World Cup 2016IPL 2016 season full schedule and timetable list will be released after the IPL Auction 2016 in Feb. IPL 2016 Auction will take place on 6th February. This time, two new teams Pune and Rajkotis introduced in IPL due to the suspension of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. We have listed important dates for IPL 2016 season below.

The IPL 2016 Group stage will end on with the final match between Delhi vs Bangalore on 22nd May and the match will be played at Kotla, Delhi. There is only one day gap between Knockout round starts.

The 1st knockout game or Qualifier 1 will be played on 24 May in Bangalore while the Eliminator match will be played on 27 May in Pune.

The final match of IPL 9 will take place on May 29 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

IPL has successfully completed its 8th seasons and every year IPL is becoming bigger and better. The 9th season of Indian Premier League will start on 9th April 2016 and ends on 29th May 2016. There will be 8 teams playing for 50 days to win the title. There are 60 matches will be played in which 56 regular matches, 3 Final Qualifiers, and 1 Final. BCCI is the official management committee of IPL and they will release the schedule and complete fixtures list in Feb as soon as Auction completes. We will update the Full Schedule of IPL 2016 on this page.

Eight Teams will play 2 matches with other teams one at home and one at the away venue. There are 2 Qualifiers, 1 Eliminator, and 1 Final to decide the winner of IPL 2016.

IPL Schedule 2016 – Released

  • Start Date – 9th April – Confirmed
  • Ends Date  – 29th May 2016 Final – Confirmed
  • No of Teams – 8 (KKR, Mumbai Indians, KXIP, Delhi, Pune, Rajkot, RCB, Hyderabad)
  • New Teams – 2 (Pune and Rajkot)
  • Suspended Teams – Chennai and Rajasthan
  • No. of Matches – 56 Pool Matches, 3 Qualifiers, 1 Final
  • Schedule Release Date – 10 March 2016 (Confirmed)

IPL 2016 Schedule Time Table:

Date Match Venue Time (IST)
09/04/2016 Mumbai Indians vs Rising Pune Supergiants Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20:00
10/04/2016 Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils Eden Gardens, Kolkata 20:00
11/04/2016 Kings XI Punjab vs Gujarat Lions Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali 20:00
12/04/2016 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad .M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 20:00
13/04/2016 Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians Eden Gardens, Kolkata 20:00
14/04/2016 Gujarat Lions vs Rising Pune Supergiants Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 20:00
15/04/2016 Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab Ferozeshah Kotla, Delhi 20:00
16/04/2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 16:00
16/04/2016 Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Lions Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20:00
17/04/2016 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Delhi Daredevils M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 20:00
18/04/2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad Vs Mumbai Indians Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 20:00
19/04/2016 Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali 20:00
20/04/2016 Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20:00
21/04/2016 Gujarat Lions vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 20:00
22/04/2016 Rising Pune Supergiants vs Royal Challengers Bangalore .MCA International Stadium, Pune 20:00
23/04/2016 Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians Ferozeshah Kotla, Delhi 16:00
23/04/2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 20:00
24/04/2016 Gujarat Lions vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 16:00
24/04/2016 Rising Pune Supergiants vs Kolkata Knight Riders .MCA International Stadium, Pune 20:00
25/04/2016 Kings XI vs Mumbai Indians Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali 20:00
26/04/2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rising Pune Supergiants Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 20:00
27/04/2016 Delhi Daredevils Vs Gujarat Lions Ferozeshah Kotla, Delhi 20:00
28/04/2016 Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20:00
29/04/2016 Rising Pune Supergiants vs Gujarat Lions .MCA International Stadium, Pune 20:00
30/04/2016 Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders Ferozeshah Kotla, Delhi 16:00
30/04/2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 20:00
01/05/2016 Gujarat Lions vs Kings XI Punjab Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 16:00
01/05/2016 Rising Pune Supergiants vs Mumbai Indians .MCA International Stadium, Pune 20:00
02/05/2016 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders .M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 20:00
Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils
Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 20:00
Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab
Eden Gardens, Kolkata 20:00
Delhi Daredevils vs Rising Pune Supergiants
Ferozeshah Kotla, Delhi 20:00
06/05/2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Gujarat Lions Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 20:00
07/05/2016 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rising Pune Supergiants .M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 16:00
Kings XI Punjab VS Delhi Daredevils
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur
Mumbai Indians VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 16:00
Kolkata Knight Riders VS Gujarat Lions
Eden Gardens, Kolkata 20:00
Kings XI Punjab VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur
Rising Pune Supergiants VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
MCA International Stadium, Pune
Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Mumbai Indians
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 20:00
Sunrisers Hyderabad VS Delhi Daredevils
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 16:00
Mumbai Indians VS Kings XI Punjab
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20:00
Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Gujarat Lions
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 16:00
Kolkata Knight Riders VS Rising Pune Supergiants
Eden Gardens, Kolkata 20:00
Mumbai Indians VS Delhi Daredevils
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 16:00
Kings XI Punjab VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur
Kolkata Knight Riders VS Royal Challengers Bangalore
Eden Gardens, Kolkata 20:00
Rising Pune Supergiants VS Delhi Daredevils
MCA International Stadium, Pune
Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Kings XI Punjab
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 20:00
Gujarat Lions VS Kolkata Knight Riders
TBC, TBC 20:00
Delhi Daredevils VS Sunrisers Hyderabad
Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium, Raipur
Rising Pune Supergiants VS Kings XI Punjab
Eden Gardens, Kolkata 16:00
21/05/2016 Gujarat Lions VS Mumbai Indians TBC, TBC 20:00
22/05/2016 Kolkata Knight Riders VS Sunrisers Hyderabad Eden Gardens, Kolkata 16:00
22/05/2016 Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium, Raipur

Knockout Stage Time Table:

Date Match Venue Time (IST)
24/05/2016 Qualifier 1: TBC vs TBC M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 20:00
25/05/2016 Eliminator: TBC vs TBC
MCA International Stadium, Pune
27/05/2016 Qualifier 2: TBC vs TBC
MCA International Stadium, Pune
29/05/2016 Final: TBC vs TBC Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 20:00

IPL 2016 Schedule PDF Download:

You can download the PDF of the schedule here.

After the IPL Auction, we will update this page with complete schedule and fixtures list with time, date and venue info. Tickets information will also be shared on this page. IPL 2016 Match Schedule, Timetable in PDF, Excel, Chart, Image will be available to download

Manchester City 2015-16 Fixtures, Transfers, Kits &Squad for Premier League

With just weeks left for the 24th season of the English Premier League (EPL) to begin, let’s have a brief look at Manchester City, its fixture, transfers, Kits, and squad for the season 2015/16.


Manchester City FC

Manchester City 2015-16

Manchester City FC

Full name: Manchester City Football Club

Nickname: The Citizens

Founded on: 01/01/1880

Team Colors: Light Blue-White

Home Ground: Etihad Stadium

Manager: Manuel Pellegrini

Official Website: www.mcfc.co.uk

Top Honours:

Cup Winners Cup – 1970

Premier League (4) – 1937, 1968, 2012, 2014

Championship – 2001-02

FA Cup (5) – 1904, 1934, 1956, 1969, 2011

League Cup (3) – 1970, 1976, 2014

FA Community Shield (4) – 1937, 1968, 1972, 2012

Manchester City 2015-16 Fixtures

Round Date Place Opponent
1 10/08/2015 A West Bromwich Albion
2 16/08/2015 H Chelsea FC
3 23/08/2015 A Everton FC
4 29/08/2015 H Watford FC
5 12/09/2015 A Crystal Palace
6 19/09/2015 H West Ham United
7 26/09/2015 A Tottenham Hotspur
8 02/10/2015 H Newcastle United
9 16/10/2015 H AFC Bournemouth
10 23/10/2015 A Manchester United
11 30/10/2015 H Norwich City
12 06/11/2015 A Aston Villa
13 20/11/2015 H Liverpool FC
14 27/11/2015 H Southampton FC
15 04/12/2015 A Stoke City
16 11/12/2015 H Swansea City
17 18/12/2015 A Arsenal FC
18 25/12/2015 H Sunderland AFC
19 27/12/2015 A Leicester City
20 01/01/2016 A Watford FC
21 12/01/2016 H Everton FC
22 15/01/2016 H Crystal Palace
23 22/01/2016 A West Ham United
24 01/02/2016 A Sunderland AFC
25 05/02/2016 H Leicester City
26 12/02/2016 H Tottenham Hotspur
27 26/02/2016 A Newcastle United
28 29/02/2016 A Liverpool FC
29 04/03/2016 H Aston Villa
30 11/03/2016 A Norwich City
31 18/03/2016 H Manchester United
32 01/04/2016 A AFC Bournemouth
33 08/04/2016 H West Bromwich Albion
34 15/04/2016 A Chelsea FC
35 22/04/2016 H Stoke City
36 29/04/2016 A Southampton FC
37 06/05/2016 H Arsenal FC
38 14/05/2016 A Swansea City

Manchester City 2015-16 Transfers


Enes Unal – Bursaspor, £2m


Scott Sinclair – Aston Villa, Undisclosed

James Milner* – Liverpool, Free

Dedryck Boyata – Celtic, Undisclosed

Angelino – New York City FC, Loan

Manchester City 2015-16 Current Squad

Name Position Jersey No.
Willy Caballero Goalkeeper 13
Angus Gunn Goalkeeper
Joe Hart Goalkeeper 1
Richard Wright Goalkeeper 29
Gaël Clichy Defender 22
Martín Demichelis Defender 26
Aleksandar Kolarov Defender 11
Vincent Kompany Defender 4
Eliaquim Mangala Defender 20
Bacary Sagna Defender 3
Pablo Zabaleta Defender 5
Sinan Bytyqi Midfielder
David Silva Midfielder 21
Fernandinho Midfielder 25
Fernando Midfielder 6
Jesús Navas Midfielder 15
Marcos Lopes Midfielder
Samir Nasri Midfielder 8
Yaya Touré Midfielder 42
Bruno Zuculini Midfielder
Kun Agüero Forward 16
Wilfried Bony Forward 14
Edin Džeko Forward 10
Stevan Jovetić Forward 35
Enes Ünal Forward

*Transfers/Squad updated till 06/07/2015

To know complete EPL 2015 fixture and where you can watch EPL’s live and online broadcast

WWE Wrestlers Salaries & Contracts 2016

John Cena is the most popular and also the highest paid WWE wrestler. Some other famous wrestlers with high salaries are The Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H, The Great Khali. Most of the wrestlers related with this organization are bound by long-term contracts. They are judged based on their experience and capabilities. The contracts of wrestlers in the WWE might range from 1 year to 10 years. There are numerous income factors such as annual salary, traveling allowances, and bonuses that are offered to these wrestlers. The company pays each of its members differently which ranges from the management to the wrestlers.

What is Income of WWE Executives:

Vince McMahon ( CEO ) Salary In 2014 – $1,184,500
George Barrios (Financial and Strategic Officer)  – $800,000
Kevin Dunn (Producer)  – $800,000
Michael Luisi (WWE Studios President ) – $700,000
Paul “Triple H” Levesque (vice president live events, talent) – $550,000 + $1,000,000 in yearly contract. There is the additional fee for his match appearances.

WWE Wrestlers Contracts & Basic Salary:

A professional wrestler who signs up a contract with the WWE is offered a basic salary which is further added with bonuses. There is also merchandise share which is considered. There are PPV events which are considered as a good medium to earn extra income. Wrestlers such as John Cena get extra revenue through these matches. This amount is never revealed. John Cena is indeed the highest paid wrestler in the WWE at present. The Rock also makes huge income for his PPV appearances in a single year.

WWE Male Wrestlers Salary 2016:

STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
The Rock $3.5 Million 7% bonus for high merchandise sales, only appears on selected WWE Dates 3 Year (Part Time)
John Cena $2.75 Million 7% on merchandise sales, plus hefty PPV revenue share make his actual earnings way more 5 year
Triple H $2,12 million Also acts as WWE executive and talent contract. 5 Years
Brock Lesner $2 Million 3.25% bonus for high merchandise sales, Free Travel, PPV revenue share (2 Years) Contract expires in March 2015.
Undertaker $2.25 Million 7% bonus for high merchandise sales, Travel & Accommodation, PPV revenue share if featured on a main event 5 Years (Part-Time)
Randy Orton $1,6 million % Merchandise sales, travel and accommodation, PPV share 5 Years
Sheamus  $1.3 million travel & accommodation 5 Years
Big Show $1.2 million Personal tour bus from WWE 3 Years
DolphZiggler $900,000 Travel & Accommodation 3 Year
Ray Mysterio  $985,00 4% bonus for high merchandise sales, travel & Accommodation 5 Years
Rusev $725,000 3 Years
Danial Bryan $700,000 5 Years
Mark Henry $877,000 3 Years
Goldust $725,000 3 Years
Titus O’Niel $335,050 2 Years
Stardust $245,000 2 years
Seth Rollins  $310,500 3 Years
Roman Reigns  $245,000 2 Years
R-Truth $244,000 3 Years
Ryback  $655,500 2 Years
Chris Jericho $974,000 2 Years
Sin Cara $245,000 2 Years
Adam Rose $165,000 2 Years
Bo Dallas $165,000 2 Years
Big E $145,000 2 Years
Bad News Barrett $445,000 3 Years
Bray Wyatt $254,200 3 Years
Bryan Saxton $170,000 3 Years
Cesaro $80,145 1 Year
Christian $595,000 3 Years
Curtis Axel $75,000 2 Years
Damien Mizdow $100,000 2 Years

WWE Female Wrestlers Salary 2016

STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
Nikki Bella $112,500 First Class Travel 5 Year
AJ Lee $104,300 5 Year
Alicia Fox $72,520 5 Year
Brie Bella $90,500 5 Year
Cameron $75,500 2 Year
Eve $109,475 3 Year
Layla $86,450 3 Year
Laliana Garcia 1 Year
Naomi $65,500 2 Year
Natalya $74,410 3 Year
Paige $65,500 2 Year
Summer Rae $65,500 2 Year